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bycathoris, December 17, 2013
Site Lock
Excellent product! 2 minutes to download, install, and configure.

Works out of the box very easily.

I needed a product to hide a site from a previous contract who had refused to pay, but I still wanted to use the dev. for my portfolio. Exactly what I wanted.
Thank you so much.
Simple Redirect
Very easy to use. It works very well. I didn't want something that was too bloated with code, and this does the job flawlessly. Option to use/not use javascript and option to redirect after just the intro text of an article. Nice, small fee for the upgraded version with no ads. Worth it!
Didn't check the support options because the code works out of the box, however, if it's anything like the code, it'll be very efficient and thorough.
Thanks for great plugin.
bycathoris, June 30, 2013
BIT Change Shopper Group for Virtuemart
Great product. I was able to install, config it (using the quite-fairly thorough instructions .pdf), and register a new user with the parameters required. poof! worked like a charm, first time. no problems.

The only thing I wished it would do, was also change the user group as well as shopper group during registration.
Great addon.
bycathoris, March 1, 2013
I registered on here just to leave a review.
This software is free or commercial. The free software is amazing, but the commercial version has so much more. If you are importing anything, and I mean anything, into joomla, you NEED this extension. With a little configuration, built in to CSV-I, you can import from any csv (or almost any other UTF-8 text file) into the joomla database. Just select which table you want to import to, and upload your doc, and it's done.
The documentation is excellent and easy to follow. The forums have some great questions answered already. If you have a question that you can't figure the answer for, or find elsewhere, Rolandd has several options for support, even down to 10-day support that's very affordable, so you can ask any questions.
I do, however, suggest, the full commercial version. you move from ver. 4 (free) to ver. 5 (commercial), and you get a full year support included, as well as a few other pieces of software that aren't included in ver. 4 like his Field Mapper for CSV-I and Cherry Picker.
Did I mention the amazing support??!! Rolandd saved me many hours of work, and provided a support response in less than 12 hours. The problem I had I would have NEVER found on my own, yet it was easy to fix. (always hate those problems that stare you in the face but have no idea they are the problem)
I am using this extension to move an entire business' in-house MS Access DB to a fully-functional online MySQL DB with Virtuemart (and custom component/module/view/etc..) I would never be able to do it without CSV-I. Total lifesaver. I will never build another joomla site without including this extension.
Thank you again Rolandd.