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bycbdh19, September 4, 2009
Akeeba Backup
As a joomla newbie, I initially had significant difficulties figuring out how to use Joomlapack.

Joomlapack support stuck with me, though, over more than two dozen forum posts between us.

Turns out that problems I had trying to clone my online site onto my computer locally inspired a fix by the developer. Which worked!

Now I'm able to back-up my online site locally on my computer, and I have cloned a back-up of my primary site on to

There are some issues with SEF on my cloned sight on go-daddy. I have to set SEF to "no" in order for it to display right. But, to me, this is a minor issue.

I really appreciate the dedication of the joomlapack developers. One suggestion, though (and I'd suggest this to many developers of joomla extensions).

When writing directions on how to install/use an extension, please try to put yourself in the mindset of a true Joomla newbie and write the directions in "baby-step" mode.

Often, documentation skips the baby steps in between the steps that are actually written down, assuming that "everyone" knows how to do these un-written steps.

Baby-step directions take more time, but they really help newbies. I'd guess newbies are a big chunk of JoomlaPack users, as it's quite complicated to move a joomla site from one server another.

I don't think baby-step directions will offend the experts (I hope not!). Finally, baby-step directions could save a lot of time on the back-end in terms of fewer forum support questions and requests.

Anyway, I'm sticking with JoomlaPack and I look forward to updates and new versions!
bycbdh19, August 17, 2009
I'm a Joomla! newbie who's creating a news/blogging site. I couldn't believe that joomla has no good captioning program internal to it -- yes, you can use the photo caption function, but as soon as you want to add "hspace", "vspace" "border" to a photo, the photo caption doesn't work.

In the Joomla! help forums some people were offering complicated CSS workarounds to this problem. I didn't want to deal with that.

One person in a Joomla! forum mentioned EasyImageCaption.

I tried it, and really like it. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to do a lot of photo captioning, and doesn't like the JCE editor replacement for TinyMCE.

I don't like JCE because I have a dark background on my page and JCE requires, you guessed it, changes to various CSS files, and creation thereof, for you to see white in the edit box if your page has a dark background.

Anyway, thank you again, or as they say in German -- I believe the author is German,

Vielen Dank!