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bycbk1994, December 28, 2008
Counter.GD joomla counter & stats
This module was very hard to set up; I found it hard to navigate the web site to find support because it was half in German and half in English. The module readme was in German, and it was hard to understand after translating it (Google Translate). I managed to get it set up, and the service works. However, I have this big ugly button on my web site, and I don't want my users to be able to access the stats. I've tried modifying the code to remove this button, but I can't seem to.

This does what it says it will, but it's not worth using, in my opinion. My suggestions for improvement: German AND English instructions, an easier-to-navigate website (with German and English), password-protected stats, stats hosted on our own server (not really needed, just a suggestion), improve the ease of use (e.g. a hide button option in the module options).