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bycclay, October 29, 2014
Ozio Gallery
I was hesitant to try Ozio Gallery because the images are hosted separately from the website, but I'm glad I gave it a chance. It turns out that Google+ is a very easy way for clients to manage their photo galleries. Also, Ozio Gallery creates very professional looking galleries... I've decided to purchase the pro version since it's so inexpensive. Highly recommended.
bycclay, October 21, 2014
Auto Login IP
Does what it promises and can be easily installed and configured within a few minutes. Highly recommended.
bycclay, October 8, 2014
Not only is JEvents very powerful, but the support is the best among any Joomla extension developer I've encountered. Questions are always answered quickly, and I even needed a small feature (the ability to highlight private events in a module) and they updated one of the plugins slightly to allow for this. Highly recommended.
bycclay, September 29, 2014
I want to thank the developer for offering such a helpful extension. Sometimes clients want to display archived articles (such as news items), and this plugin completely automates the process. Now clients can simply set an unpublish date and the articles will automatically be appear in the archive.
bycclay, September 24, 2014
JA Promo Bar
I was disappointed to find that HelloBar no longer lets users hide the bar. I came across JA Promo bar and like it even better than HelloBar! Now clients can update the bar without leaving their Joomla site, and it's easier to install on new sites. Highly recommended.
bycclay, September 12, 2014
I think this extension has all kinds of uses, but I just needed to quickly link to a few external CSS files without mucking around with the template. This one fit the bill and only took seconds to set up. Looking forward to using it in future for more advanced purposes.
bycclay, July 17, 2014
Custom Page Navigation
A client asked for previous/next links, but only within one category. Joomla's built-in navigation feature doesn't allow for this, and Custom Page Navigation fits the bill perfectly.
bycclay, July 17, 2014
I've used RokWeather on several small town portal websites and haven't had any issues. Easy to install, works well... and it's free!
bycclay, July 15, 2014
NS Font Awesome
If you're looking for a way to add Font Awesome icons to your Joomla site, it couldn't get any easier than with this plugin. Literally takes less than a minute to download and install.
bycclay, May 24, 2014
System - Nomad
I'm building an intranet and wanted a login page as the home page for the public and a totally different home page for logged-in members. This little plugin did the trick perfectly! Very easy to install and configure... Highly recommended if you need multiple home pages.
bycclay, May 16, 2014
This is a perfect example of the beauty of open source software. I decided to build a family tree site, searched the JED, and found this powerful extension that's absolutely free! It can even import and export data to sync with family tree software. Support and documentation are great too. If you're building a family tree site with Joomla, look no further.
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Thank you!

bycclay, April 22, 2014
If your site is receiving spam registrations, Mail IP Address can be a helpful tool. There are lots of websites that can show which country an IP address is from, and this plugin emails you the IP address for every new registration.
bycclay, April 12, 2014
Need to add the date and/or time to your site? This little module makes it really easy and includes all kinds of options. It performs a simple task exceedingly well.
bycclay, April 11, 2014
Social Backlinks
As with their other extensions, JoomUnited has done an outstanding job with Social Backlinks. Super easy to install and set up, slick interface, great support... Highly recommended.
bycclay, April 9, 2014
One of my clients wanted to display their press releases in a module, sorted by year. This module did the trick, and the paid version has an option to hide the month - exactly as my client wanted. I had it up and running within minutes. Great little module!
bycclay, January 19, 2014
Auto onPageLoad Popup
Need to add a modal popup to your site? This module makes it super easy... I had it up and running within a few minutes. The option to display it only occasionally (through the use of cookies) made it perfect for our needs.
bycclay, December 21, 2013
Podcast Manager
I've used Podcast Manager for several clients who have radio shows. It's a great tool to organize and play MP3 files on Joomla sites. Highly recommended.
Asikart QuickIcons Pro
I love Asikart Quickicons Pro and now install it for all my clients. The Joomla admin interface can be a bit overwhelming for novices, so it's essential to create custom shortcuts for inexperienced clients. Asikart makes the process painless! The pro version allows for easy icon uploads, icon categories etc. - well worth the small subscription fee.
bycclay, August 19, 2013
After being impressed with Droppics, I gave Dropfiles a try and was similarly pleased. The interface is incredibly easy to use... I ran into a few minor issues and JoomUnited fixed them in less than one business day. Highly recommended!
bycclay, July 22, 2013
I think Droppics sets a new standard for Joomla extensions. It's very easy to use (my clients are going to love it!) yet looks and feels very professional. I ran into a small problem embedding galleries in EasyBlog posts and the developers had a fix ready within 24 hours. Highly recommended.
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