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bycclay, June 29, 2013
Ultimate Site Tools
Lots of handy tools here. I especially like the ability to forward non-www to www URLs; no more need to do so via an htaccess file. I'm going to start installing this on all our new websites.
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Thank you, more and more features will be added!

My client needed to open an availability calendar in a modal window and I came across Modals. Easy to install and set up, works great, and comes with excellent support in the NoNumber forums. Highly recommended!
bycclay, April 17, 2013
Asikart QuickIcons
I've tried a few admin area shortcut tools but this one is the best I've come across. It can be quickly accessed via the admin menu, it allows for icon uploads etc. I'm now installing this on every Joomla site I build!
bycclay, January 24, 2013
En Masse
Works as promised. We ran into a Paypal IPN issue and Matamko tech support fixed it promptly. Highly recommended!
bycclay, December 14, 2012
jQuery Easy
I don't need to use JQuery Easy very often, but when I do, it saves me hours of troubleshooting. Just now I installed a new background slideshow module that prevented some other modules from displaying - with JQuery Easy, I was able to get them to play nicely together in only a few minutes. Highly recommended.
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Thank you for the review!

bycclay, November 21, 2012
Slideshow CK
I've tried many slideshow extensions over the years, and this is my new favourite. It's mobile friendly since no Flash is involved and it works well with responsive templates (it can re-size itself dynamically).

The installation and configuration was very straightforward. My only problem came with the responsive settings - I couldn't get the feature to work at first so I spent $5 or 6 to purchase the documentation and then everything became clear. Highly recommended.
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thank you very much for your great review :)

bycclay, November 21, 2012
Yireo SSL Redirection
I needed to secure some forms on a client's site and came across Yireo SSL Redirection. Within minutes I had it up and running - it works perfectly and is easy to set up. Highly recommended.
bycclay, November 17, 2012
iFAQ (former MooFAQ)
I tried a few free FAQ extensions at first. One caused Javascript conflicts, and the other was too complex for my client to update. Then I purchased MooFAQ after reading the glowing reviews and I'm very glad I did! I had it up and running in minutes, and it will be very easy for my client to maintain (questions and answers are handled via Joomla articles, one article per question.) There's a nice range of styles too... Highly recommended.
bycclay, October 31, 2012
KC Admin QuickIcons
I use KC Quick Icons on every site I develop. It's very handy, works perfectly, and is easy to install and configure. Highly recommended.
bycclay, October 31, 2012
Client Logo Fader
While the same effect can be accomplished with other image extensions, Client Logo Fader makes the process so easy and straightforward that I will be using it on many sites in future. Very easy to install and setup, and it simply looks great. Well worth the small investment.
bycclay, October 16, 2012
Web Fonts
All I can say is, "wow"! I can't believe (a) how powerful Web Fonts is, and (b) how easy it is to use. I've had a few clients lately ask about using non-standard fonts, and today I was determined to find a solution. Within minutes, I was experimenting with free Google web fonts using this component. I'll be using it on many future sites... Highly recommended!
bycclay, October 10, 2012
KO Custom Gift Card
My client asked about online gift certificates, and KO Custom Gift Card made the process painless. The result is very slick, and you don't have to mess around with an e-commerce component if you don't need a web shop (though it does integrate with redShop, VirtueMart etc.) I had a few questions and they were promptly answered in the support forums. Highly recommended!
bycclay, September 13, 2012
Google Fonts
A client asked me for a script font today and I thought I'd see what font extensions were available. I came across JoomlaXTC's Google Fonts plugin and within minutes I was experimenting with all kinds of high-end fonts on my client's site. The cost is minimal and installation and usage are simple. Highly recommended.
bycclay, September 12, 2012
I've tried lots of sliders and this is the one I always turn to now. It's easy for my clients to change the images, it's not Flash-based, and it's free!
SIS Social is among the nicest social extensions I've seen on any platform, not just for Joomla. It tucks away in the side of your website, but opening the panel reveals latest Tweets, Pinterest posts, Facebook page posts, latest Youtube videos etc., all of which can be configured to scroll. It's very slick indeed.

I ran into a few problems getting it to work initially, but Rushabh was very helpful and tweaked the code so it would display properly. The documentation seems sparse (I had to do some Google searching to figure out how to locate my Facebook page ID number, Google+ page ID number etc.) but I was able to get all of my social media accounts connected within about 15 minutes.

Highly recommended... Well worth the small purchase price!
bycclay, June 7, 2012
Ultimate Facebook Like Content Button
A client asked me to add some share/like buttons that included Pinterest, and Ultimate Facebook Like was the only one I could find that displayed the thumbnails correctly when sharing via Pinterest. The price was low so I placed an order, and within minutes I had the plugin configured on my client's site. I'll definitely be using this one in future!
bycclay, May 13, 2012
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I've been using Zen Tools for a while now and am glad to see it finally appear in the JED. It's a great tool - easy to use and versatile. I find it particularly handy for portfolios.
bycclay, May 11, 2012
Core Design Login As
This worked perfectly for me. I'm wondering if the people having problems (a) installed both the Log In As... plugin and the required "Scriptegrator" plugin (both available for free from Core Design) and (b) remembered to publish both plugins. I had it up and running within minutes and I can see that it will be very useful on some membership-based sites.
bycclay, May 4, 2012
Articles Anywhere
I've used a few NoNumber extensions and they've always helped me to solve seemingly impossible Joomla issues.

This week, I needed to insert a quiz into a module position. I could only find one quiz extension that was perfect for the project, but it only came with a component and a plugin.

In the end I was able to insert the quiz into a Joomla article via the quiz plugin and then insert the whole thing into a module via Articles Anywhere. It sounds complex, but thanks to NoNumber it only took a few minutes :)
There are many times when it's handy to drop some Javascript inside a module, and this extension makes it incredibly easy. Install, copy and paste your script into the module, and you're done :)
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