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bycdc, July 24, 2013
Great extension. Works great on a recent 3.1 site I did. Have used many other "slider" extensions the past few years and this is my favourite - well worth the money. Made by one of the best Joomla developers - RS Joomla. I have had very positive experiences with other extensions by RS Joomla as well.
bycdc, June 5, 2009
I have been working with Joomla for a little over a year and I use the commercial version of Joom SEF 3.3.0. If you want total control over your urls this is a must have component. There is a free version for you to try (no support)and it is not encoded.:)

The product works great. However, before you run off and install it make sure your Joomla native SEF is working as it should. Also, learn how the component works to avoid the fustration that self inflicted mistakes cause. If you have an issue with it believe me its probably you.

I would give this component 9.5 out of 10. Actually make it 10 out of 10.