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bycdfisherman, November 3, 2009
One of my sites got hacked...and I knew I needed something better to protect my Joomla installations.

I bought RS Firewall now I know what is going on and see that there have actually been many attacks on several of my sites. With RS Firewall, they don't get in anymore.

Only feature I would like to see if block or allow certain countries. All my attacks seem to be coming from certain countries that I would like to block. 5 stars. Thanks for your great work.
bycdfisherman, October 28, 2009
Event Registration Pro
One fact is true, this is one of the best event event registration components available for Joomla but that is not saying much because there is not much else out there of any quality. I felt like I had to use this component as I had no other choice in selection. Their support was responsive not confrontational and not helpful.

They did look at my system but the issue I had was I was using their configuration tools to manage custom fields and removed first and last name as community builder already had this but they said that since I changed it they would not support the application. I was cut off...

I had to do a full re-install from scratch to get any support.

The multi-user registration as part of a single registration works but barely, in the back end you can't see from each registration who paid and who didn't because of this clunky design.

My client was constantly comparing the registration pro and their paypal to see who paid. It made them very frustrated.

The out of the box reports end up being useless because of the multi-user registration issue.

Bottom line is I have a customer who is not going to use this component again and neither will I.

Please someone out there build a decent registration component!
Owner's reply

All listed complaints from this client we resolved in our very next release. Due to the client making his own improper customizations it cause a lot of the extension to have other issues and that is why the re-installation of the software was required to fix his issues.