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cecelia bunos

bycecelia bunos, September 29, 2013
its been reported that RECAPTCHA is going beyond its limit giving crazy combinations. thanks for this plugins, it works perfect!
bycecelia bunos, September 23, 2013
Youtube Gallery
1. there is diff price for diff j!versions 2. full screen feature is basic youtube stuff, that is not included in free versions.
3. not responsive. now is 2013 sir not 2010.
Owner's reply

1. Full-screen is available in free version. It's in theme settings.

2. It is responsive this option is also in theme settings.

Responsiveness comes with the theme some themes are not responsive but other like "Column Gallery" is completely responsive - no problem.

We have forum and live chat support, please ask a question there first.

bycecelia bunos, September 23, 2013
Add Custom HTML button
only load one set of code , a plugin for that , sorry i rather bypass using it to save site load from extra plugins. No number templater does the improved job.keep up the good work, its the beginning,cheers
bycecelia bunos, September 20, 2013
use to be good. got a shock when i look at new beta versions. Anyway im not going to ask for any refunds,keep it as donations.
what i hate that its using external library and too many files installed silently. Namely koowa,nookue framework,its plugins, com_docman,com_files , Duh not for me. thanks
bycecelia bunos, September 14, 2013
Its a good plugin. however a plugin extra will have extra load , pls try to use the googlefont directly using the code provided in the gfont site itselves. No plugins needed.
bycecelia bunos, September 2, 2013
come on ! 99% use firebug/wed dev tools to check code. if they don't fall in this category then they wont even check the code.I have no idea whats the use of this extension now. It create a js file which output personal message, BUT when you scroll further in Firebug the codes are there!
bycecelia bunos, August 30, 2013
Praise Url
Outstanding extensions, literally save many hours! . Thank You dear developer!
bycecelia bunos, August 28, 2013
Qlue Custom 404
Good alternative for those who don't want to use SEF components like sh404sef which has all the functions this components has.
bycecelia bunos, August 6, 2013
install , test it and uninstall immediately. why you may ask me , it load some crazy amount of js [foundry],that's something the developer need to fine tune.
bycecelia bunos, June 10, 2013
Ignite Gallery
i cant find anything much to say then superb,ditch all your slow down image extension n go for this!
bycecelia bunos, June 10, 2013
Unite Revolution Responsive Slider
Good extension. but i think it's wiser to fit all into module only then having a component, i manage to done it though.
bycecelia bunos, June 10, 2013
AJAX Toggler Pro
Good stuff but need to detect some commonly used extension n disable ajax or act in automatic mode. its very tiring to set and re-set every time. also activate/de by url scheme will be good!
Owner's reply

You have an option to deactivate plugin for specific components, this actually helps with certain components. Unfortunately, it is not possible to auto-detect extensions which are not Joomla-native, but luckily there are rare.

bycecelia bunos, June 8, 2013
Browser Update Warning
I love this guy and his works!please do donate if you enjoy his work even if its small.!
bycecelia bunos, June 6, 2013
Content Templater
Make the life very easy. thank you Peter the funny man!
bycecelia bunos, June 2, 2013
Asikart QuickIcons
found a library package installed together. not sure for what purpose. uninstall that . found through google intensive seo works.
Owner's reply

Hi, The library is for our extensions, but we didn't do any SEO about that?

If you have any question, please post on our support forum.

Thank you.

bycecelia bunos, May 31, 2013
tested. doesn't suit me , uninstall it and site become very slow. check with experts main cause become that there is 40+ tables left by this extensions. very unprofessional imo.
Owner's reply

Hi there, thank you very much for taking your time to review Mobile Joomla! We are sorry to hear your initial experience was less than ideal.

The database tables you mentioned belong to a 3rd party product Scientia Mobile, which is an optional, advanced addon device database that is not a a part of core Mobile Joomla! package and optionally installed by user. Our own device detection database, which comes by default with Mobile Joomla! installation package is very fast and uses 2 database tables only. It also removes all traces when Mobile Joomla! is uninstalled, since it's a core part of the product.

Please try installing Mobile Joomla! with default settings, which should help to resolve the problem.

Hope helps.

bycecelia bunos, April 3, 2013
Its just a j! Form component, demo look good but its just a form component that other form component can do.witha a proper form component you can do more than than. Value for money? Its expensive!
bycecelia bunos, March 15, 2013
OS Property
Good but need improvements
Its a good components.
Lots of bug fixes going all time. Template framework little tricky for normal joomla users like me. Great support. Hope to see the updated version soon. The only bad comment i have is that there is no proper bug fix system,for instance only a member asking for the bug will get fixed the rest must ask personally etc. Hope this a good feedback.