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bycelticowboy, July 26, 2011
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I loved the module. Did pretty much what I wanted, is configurable to a degree, I could offer a couple of suggestions, but otherwise worked right and out of the box. I upgraded both Community Builder and Joomla to current versions (current 5.XX versions), and it continued to work ok. Then it didn't. Nothing was moved or changes - it just gives the rotating "loading" symbol eternally. Uninstalled and reinstalled, re-linked stories, made sure all graphics were same format - nothing works. Sent email to support site with no answer as yet, been almost 24 hours since problem started, and that's a lot of time for part of a website to not work right. From other reviews, I can only hope to get this resolved somehow, meanwhile I'm looking for alternatives.
bycelticowboy, January 30, 2009
Vinaora Visitors Counter
Some exclusion abilities would be good. As site owner and admin I'd like to have my ip-address excluded from the counter. Otherwise though it may not be the best of all possible, it is the best I could find among the 1.5 Native mods for this purpose. It is good in that it plugs in and works once activated.
bycelticowboy, January 19, 2009
The old eXplorer was my most used admin component. The new one just will not work. No matter how many times I change the chmod of the fetchjscripts file as instructed, it continues to pop up the message, that it can't find the scripts. I've uninstalled and reinstalled numerous times with no success. This is very disappointing.
bycelticowboy, January 15, 2009
The Component looks good, and has the basic features needed. As Beta, it is definitely not ready for a production site. It should be remembered that many people who want to use CMS packages are not programmers or scripters, just people who need a good functional website. Joomla in general fulfills this need.

This component hasn't totally been configured for English users, with lots of French terms in both front and backend data entry points.

Also when configuring, the change-table function doesn't work, so Property Types is the only working function. I added Houses, Apartments, Land, etc., then switched to Towns or Department (should be County), but entries were added back to Properties instead.

I had to uninstall, will look forward to properly functional final release.