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bycentralpulse, September 4, 2006
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It's a good start but I found there to be a few problems, the major 1 is with the template - the component distorted it.

Secondly we have assigned menus to pages so when a term was clicked on in the glossary there was no menu assigned and there is no ability to assign the menu in this manner unless each individual item has a menu item created for it - it would be nice if the links could be optionally removed from the output within the glossary component so a visitor can't click on them and produce a new page, I'm sure this wouldn't be hard to hack but I simply don't have the time.

3rd when I used the categories they were sitting above the component title.

Next, I set the component to display all by default but nothing was displayed in the component - just a link saying 'All' - when this was clicked on it gave 0 results in a search output where there were actually 27 entries, the only way the terms could be viewed was through creating and clicking on the category.

As I said it's a good start, I would love to use this when the kinks are ironed out of it.
bycentralpulse, September 3, 2006
This morning at 6:00am NZST one of our sites were upgraded to JCE for a 30 day trial (we upgrade of of our sites with new software and test it for 30 days, if the software is acceptable we will upgrade all of our sites), at 7:29am NZST our site was downgraded to the standard Joomla! editor, the reason for this is JCE won't update content links. To update the links we needed to remove the link, save the content item, go back into the content item, add the link and save it again.

We ran tests on Joomla! Versions 1.0.7, 1.0.8, 1.0.10 and 1.0.11 and we had the same bug on each installation (we tested each version on 2 different servers and it made no difference). We don't get this bug on the TinyMCE editor.
Before anyone mentions it - we are not using the 'lite' version.

We went to purchase a 12 month support subscription to resolve this matter but found that only 2CO was supported by the developer, our company policy does not allow us to use any third party payment processor outside of PayPal so we could not do this. We searched the forum and couldn't find any relivant information.

We are very disapointed by this as it looked so good yet this 1 bug has stopped us from using it at this time as the 'work-around' we have to use (as described above) simply takes too long. We hope that this bug can be fixed by the developer soon and we will reinstall it once this bug is fixed.

Outside of this it is a great component.