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bycgmpowers, December 16, 2010
iFAQ (former MooFAQ)
I've tried a variety of FAQ modules and extensions but found this one fairly easy to use and especially like that it pulls the content directly from articles. For me, its extremely easy for the designer and the client to add, remove and modify the FAQs on the website.

I simply cannot imagine an easier way to have a FAQs based section than using MooFAQs. Thanks!
bycgmpowers, September 29, 2010
CE Feedback for Contact Enhanced
CE Feedback is an amazing addition to the Content Enhanced family of products. This is a great app and I am excited to be offering it to my clients now. I simply cannot imagine my websites without his tools or his attention to customer service. Got a problem? You can count on him to return your emails promptly and his follow up is amazing.. Need a special feature? Hire him and he'll help you with the unsurpassed quality I simply can' find elsewhere. This is why I continue to purchase Content Enhanced and now CE Feedback because they're great software programs and he's providing awesome customer service on if any problems arise...
I pretty much had given up on URL redirects after failing to get two other SEF programs working...

JoomSEF was easy to use, it works, its NON DESTRUCTIVE and well, well worth the $ for the paid version!!

I'm once again happy with URL I jokingly said on twitter the other day, I am having a Joomla-plugin crush with this app...its really changed the way I do business with SEOing my websites with URL redirects...I haven't had one other extension mess it up, and I have LOTS OF WEBSITES with LOTS OF EXTENSIONS and NOT ONE messes up JoomSEF. Other SEF apps cannot say that...(not calling out names, lol).
Contact Enhanced Component
I've found this wonderful module a while ago and really like it. It works well for multiple contacts and or multiple feedback forms. I highly recommend it over some others (wont name competitors, of course) but the author does make a great product at a great price.