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bycguroo, December 7, 2013
XCloner-Backup and Restore
I must say this extension has to take the lead , way ahead of other similar counterparts which tend to wards more of monetizing their products than functionality. This should be product of the year. ;)
bycguroo, February 4, 2013
Just expecting an update for J3.0, else everything works fine, and yeah a little bit of javascript popup option wouldn't hurt.
bycguroo, October 10, 2012
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The only few reasons I didn't rate full 5 stars is that,

» There is a Backlink to the Developer included in the free version, and its no where discreetly stated so..

» I myself didn't get to test the module's functionality, since the website on which i installed it is pretty new and still has long way to go, to get any considerable search engine ranking/traffic.

» Theres no link to an actual/working demo.

And now to the Reality,

The developer must be lauded/appreciated for the efforts he/she has taken & the work he has done, since its free.

And also, in my opinion this module is based on an excellent idea, having very few similar extensions on JED.

And users like "mickles" should learn how to show some appreciation to the devs, and if an extension doesn't meet a specific requirement(which the extension never claimed to) of a user it doesn't mean that it deserves low rating.

Thank you developer.
Keep Up!!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review!

The link can be deactivated directly in the settings of the module like in every extension I offer. I would never force the users to show the link. It doesn't have to be stated because you can deactivate it with one click!

You could test it by changing the search engine into one of your domains and enter there the correct query in the address bar.

A demo will be added soon into the official demo website.

bycguroo, April 24, 2012
Rich Snippets Vote
First of all I must say this is quiet contemporary plugin (No other adjective came to my mind) and this is just falling behind in no of user, main reason of which is that 90% users hardly even know what rich snippets are, so how are they supposed to use this plugin, but as more and more awareness spreads they shall know what they have been missing all the years. :) Thanx Developer for making it completely Free!!! May God Bless you!! :)
bycguroo, January 12, 2012
Sot Article Scroller
Seems like a Good extension, Too bad didnt get much publicity, this extension deserves more reputation.

Thanx Developer For making this Free!!!
bycguroo, June 21, 2011
Virtual Domains
Is it only with me or any1 else's got thae same prob~ , that all my subdomains work only if a "www." is added before them,and if tried without "www." then browser shows page not found!!!

PS> i have tried .htaccess rewrite from no www, to www. prefix.

but it didn't come handy.

Leaving this, every other aspect of the VD is GOOD I must say. :) Good work keep it up. Its people like U who keep the Joomla Legacy(pun intended) Going.