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bychapmanla, March 20, 2013
Ignite Gallery
I needed a gallery component that had a front-end photo upload capability. Ignite Gallery's 'drag and drop' frontend upload component is very easy for even unsophisticated users. I have really come to appreciate the component's use of profiles for different kinds of gallery displays. I have been able to easily embed specific galleries in my articles and have them display quickly in a nice-looking popup lightbox. Galleries and slideshows load very rapidly compared to other gallery components I have used.
The support so far has been excellent - I had a small issue related to photo orientation that the developer was quick to respond to. Although the fix to this may take a little time, I am confident it will get addressed in a future release.
Definitely worth the money.
bychapmanla, July 20, 2010
I am very impressed at all of the features that this extension offers. There were a couple of comments below about an inability to display attachments after the "Read More" button, and not liking the "Add Attachment" link appearing on all frontend articles when an author-level user is logged-in. I was able to address both of these issues by adding "frontpage" to the "Hide Attachments for" setting on the Parameters setup page.

I agree with others that this deserves being a core Joomla component.

Thanks for the great work.
bychapmanla, February 5, 2009
This is a very useful component/module that worked well the first time I installed it. I was about to try to modify the comments listing module so that the number of characters in a long comment could be truncated when I discovered that the Developer had just updated the extension to do just that.
bychapmanla, December 11, 2008
Yes, it can be a challenge to install. But this is a very feature-rich extension package that does a lot more than the above description. Once you get beyond the installation challenges, I have found it to work very well with Joomla. I am not an experienced developer - in fact I incorporated CiviCRM into the first website I designed with Joomla (which was only my second site).

While the extension is tilted towards Drupal, I have detected a strong desire and willingness among the CiviCRM development community to make it more Joomla friendly. In my opinion, the best way to do that would be to make it compatible with JoomlaPack, which would go a long way to solving the installation headaches (use of Foreign Keys in the CiviCRM database seems to prevent this - I don't pretend to understand the details behind this).

If you have the time to configure the installation, it is well worth the effort.