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bychapters, June 13, 2012
Works as advertised! I was looking for a decent extension for embedding PDFs in the article for Joomla 2.5, but most are incompatible or require you to upload the files manually in the directories and key in some shortcodes (not so friendly for users who are less tech savvy).

I like the simple, user friendly process and the manager that helps organize your uploads. It even opens PDF and other files in a separate tab in the browser, which is beyond what I expected out of an attachment add-on and fits just what I need!

Even though it is not exactly embedding the files within the article, it's good enough for me and my users - just clicks and no syntax issues. :)
bychapters, June 7, 2012
Add to Menu
Like many others have said, it is a convenient and timing saving solution for quick add-ons of articles as menu items. It will make it a lot easier for admin users who are less technical savvy to create menu items.

A suggestion: to include Access levels in the window for Add to Menu. Since I am working on a site that contains many registered access articles, I still find myself having the need to go back to the Menu Manager and update the access levels for the items.

Hoping to see more NoNumber extensions released in near future, good job!
bychapters, May 27, 2012
After looking at many similar extensions, I find that the logic behind them all is about inserting a certain pre-defined syntax. But what makes Tabber stands out is that it is a more user friendly option with a "insert tab" button conveniently found below the article contents box, so that users can just click and fill in their contents without worrying about syntax issues.

Though, NoNumber can consider an integration between tabber and sliders, as I find that these 2 are being used increasingly together.