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bychargersrool, October 7, 2013
Freestyle Testimonials
The perfect testimonial module, does everything you need it to do.
The support was fantastic, answered my question and got me on my way.
bychargersrool, September 5, 2013
I've been using breezingforms for around 3 years now and its a great extension. I love it and couldnt be anymore pleased.
bychargersrool, September 5, 2013
This extension totally saved by butt instead of having to find a programmer to make a query. Thanks a lot for this extension!
bychargersrool, August 30, 2013
Good support, and the extension worked amazingly. Also very flexible as to what you can do with it.
bychargersrool, August 12, 2013
Extended Filter for Flexicontent
The module was great and did everything I wanted it to plus the support was fantastic. The developer answered all my questions.
bychargersrool, August 11, 2013
Filter and Search for K2
If you're looking for a K2 filter/ search module look no further because this is one great extension.
The support was great. Andrey was very helpful and I wish more extension developers offered support like he does.
bychargersrool, August 11, 2013
Filter for K2
There's so much you can do with this extension to narrow down a search. The filter works great and is very effective.
The support was great, Andrey was extremely helpful. Wish there were more extensions that offered this kind of support.