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bycharles99, August 18, 2013
I have been using an number of Video Components trying to get the look I need for my new Movie Club. And after running into a number of problems I found myself on looking for another solution and thats when I came across JUser Tube! At first I though it would be a waste of time until I checked out JUser Tube Demo site and saw all the different layouts I would have to play with.

So I dusted off my charge card and brought it. And within 5 minutes I have JUSER Tube installed and fighting with my partner on which layout to use!

Now normally this is where I would just say this a great component and buy it. But we ran until a problem after getting our site up. After a video clip would play the Related Video Option would popup and we notice a number of our testers was clicking on the links and being shown videos that was from our sites on YouTube and not our site.

So we sent the developer a email outlining our problem and threw in a couple of PLEASEs about adding a option to disable the Related Video Option and in less than 24 hours Afzal had a new version attached to his email to us telling us to download and install over the current version. Which worked without a problem!

So our rating is based on a Good product but more important great service!
bycharles99, July 17, 2013
D-Mack Visitor Info
This is very simple module to use. And full of options that allows you to setup, with a single click of the mouse. Want to show a guest or member on your site their IP Address or their browser version you can do it with a single click.

But the best part of this module is the HTML Option at the bottom of the module settings. It allow you to put whatever you want in it and I use it to showcase ads!

And no matter where a consumer is coming from the date and time is always set to their time zone. There are so many little things that I am able to set that lets my users know what is happening on their own computer that I find myself responding to emails asking me how to turn on and off certain features that this module shows them.

So if you are looking for a User Info Module you will love this module. And when it comes to support do what I did when my hard drive crashed and I needed to reinstall everything I sent the developer a email. In less to 5 minutes he sent me a copy of all the products I brought without mentioning the word subscription or asking me to pay a fee of any type.

This is where my 5 stars come from, quality products and excellent support!
bycharles99, July 17, 2013
Invite-Refer Friends
I have been a user of the Joomal 2.5 version of this component for years and was hoping D-Mack would create a Joomla 3.0 version, and just when I was about to buy another component something told me to just check before buying the other product I had in mind. And to my surprise D-Mack came through with a version for Joomla 3!

Since buy this version it has been a pleasant use this component! The best thing I like about it, is the Captcha Security feature and the control it give me to shape my invite form, and set the number of invites a user can send out. What I like the most about this product and was missing in the earlier version is the way this component stores the email address that it send out in the database, which allows me to remind my users friends about my site or offline events.

I have seen a 10% increase in traffic directly from this form and can't wait for what D Mack intends to add in the next version!
bycharles99, July 12, 2012
YJ Module Engine
This is one hell of a Module! In some ways it acts more like a component, because of all the options it gives you. But if you are looking for the Pinterest Image Load Effect this is the module for you.

And its so simple to install and setup. Works with Joomla Articles and K2. And if you want to give your online users the option to post images to your site all you have to do is get the K2 Story Component and as your members post their articles to your site this module will automatically pull it and post.

But be prepared to have some fun with this module! Because you will find yourself using it on everything...
bycharles99, May 15, 2012
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I join Joomlabamboo just for this module! The flexible it gives you is unbelievable. And when it came to creating my responsive gallery to adjust to my users device (Tablet, iPhone or desktop) it just works! But Zentools allows you to do so much that it hard to believe its just a module and not a component! Since finding this module I have placed this module in everything. Rarely do you find a module or component that just works without keeping you up at night when it comes to the developers that post their extension here, but trust me this baby works! And if you run into any problem Anthony or "A" Man is there to shoot you an answer for any problem you may have. But once you get the hang of how this module works you are going to put it in every new project you start! Just logon to to see this baby in action!

Plus they have the most Responsive Templates for Joomla 1.5 and 2.5 on the market: Platform, Lifestyle, Colourshift, Responsive, Epicure and Vintage that have my clients thinking I am a Joomla Website Building God!

Every now and then when you log-on to you come across something special and this just happen to that something special!
bycharles99, July 16, 2011
JS Events Booking Pro
I think everybody starts by saying I never write reviews for a Joomla Component or Plugin, but I do, especially when you find one that works, and this components more than works, it blew me away.

And support has been a dream come true... with in hours feedback was emailed to me or waiting for me when I logged in. They jump on problems before you even throw it at them and when I needed to change a few things on the main event page they shot me the answer I needed within minutes.

But the best thing I like about this component is how easy it lets you import all of Eventlist events with one or two clicks. I been looking for something as good as Eventlist 1.0.1 for Joomla 1.6 & 1.7. I even brough ohanah Event component and just couldn't get it to work with my template.

But Pro Event Booking installed without any problems, in less than 5 minutes I was importing my Eventlist events and venues into my new Joomla 1.6.5 Site. And I have to say my members love Pro Event Booking, it lets them see the time countdown of my event and with one click they can buy tickets for my event. These guys added 4 different payment plugins into Pro Event Booking something "ohanah" doesn't have at the moment. They also added a Google Map to this component that show the location of a event and with one click a member can get directions.

My members can search by events, dates or venue. You can place the upcoming event module on your homepage. And it allows you to integrate Jomsocial and Community Builder registration options to the payment form. Now that was a major surprise to learn because I use both of these Social Components on different sites.

So if you are looking for something to replace EventList 1.0.1 or something for Joomla 1.6.5 or Joomla 1.7 this is the Event Component to get!

Keep adding those features because I love it...
Owner's reply

Thank you very much, charles99!
We are trying hard to find and add more feature for our events booking pro. And make regular visits to our site to get more useful extensions every month.

Best regards!

bycharles99, August 16, 2010
I really don't know if this plug-in work or not? But I do know it creates a great deal of errors when it comes to the components and plug-ins that I have. When logging out of Jomsocial 1.8.7 it create an illegal key error, plus created another error when I was using Virtuemart 1.1.5 the new version. So until it has a little more wear and tear I am not going to use it. Because I can't have my members running into errors pages.

Another thing: placing the Siteground link on one page is fine, but when it places the siteground link on all my pages and throws my template out wack, I was left with one choice remove the link...

But what good is this plug-in when everything you have or want to use conflicts with it? Just do a search on this plug-in and it clear more than 50% of the people thats using it or have used it have un-installed it. And I still don't know if it ever worked! But I do know the link to Siteground website worked! And no one in this review section knows if it works or what it does? There no read out or any that shows what it blocked or prevented! Wait, here a thought and a scary one at that maybe the hackers was supposed to see the Protected By Siteground and run away...or find another website to hack into...

No one that have downloaded this plugin knows what this plugin does?