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bycharoa, November 20, 2012
i think it would take an experienced user to use this component. i didn't find it very clear on how to create my newsletter vs templates to begin with, i can see an option to add tags in the newsletter page but not in the template page where it seems you really design and add the content to your newsletter. the method of having to create your css manually in the file is fine for someone who knows css but not at all user friendly for the average "user". i installed this for evaluation but will have to choose another solution since at the end of the day, the newsletter will be designed by someone with little to no coding ability and it has to be very straight forward. Perhaps the interface and features could be re-evaluated for the future to make it more simple.
bycharoa, November 22, 2010
NS Pro
straight out of the box this was a superb product and just what i wanted. i reviewed the options for the free version and the paid version and at such a reasonable price it was obvious to go with the pro version. The support i have received has been fantastic and quick. The developer is open to suggestions and clearly cares about his product and it's quality. Good job and highly recommended.
bycharoa, May 19, 2009
This is a great addon for ANY joomla site and frankly i wish this feature was built in to the next joomla release. Only thing i would like to see improved is the ability to add attachments using this module between languages. So restrict an attachment to only appear in one language or another...maybe that is a joomfish issue but not sure. Love it anyhow!