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bycharvey, February 16, 2012
Abivia SuperTable

Really happy. Was trying to work out how I could make my tables in Excel look nice when copying into Joomla.

I tried doing it myself (epic fail) and so searched and found this.

It is awesome, it's super easy to get the great looking default table (see Introduction tab on the documentation). Best part is all I need to add is a few words of html code around each table to make it look awesome!

Thanks very much for this plugin :)
bycharvey, February 15, 2012
I must have used 50+ plugins/extensions/modules from JoomlaExtensions but this is the first time I felt compelled to post a review.

I was going to use MyBlog for re-launching one of my Joomla sites, but I had a small bug and so looked around on here instead.

I gave EasyBlog a try and I am overwhelmed.

I sent support 3 emails (with pretty complicated questions, 10 in total, just customisation features I was looking for) and they answered all of them super fast and super friendly.

So the support is the best I've ever encountered (even better than the support I try to provide on my joomla website haha).

The Blog itself is awesome. I LOVE the facebook and twitter integrations, it will help to spread the word very well, plus the backend and front end all looks awesome.

My only warning is this - if you're looking for an awesome blog tool, without a doubt go for this. However, be prepared to set aside a few hours to set it all up. This is because, quite simply, there are loads of cool features, however, you may not want all of them or may want to change some minor aspects. I searched the forums and FAQs which helped solved some of mine, and sent the rest to the support ticket team, who are unbelievably good.

Overall, without a doubt, the best extension for blogging, combined with incredibly good support.