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bychaudi, May 23, 2012
I've had this problem for a while and tried a few other solution but this is the first one that worked.
It resolved the conflict if you have old great components that use old mootools.
You can enter the name of the component in the back end the name you find in in the file folder for components like com_hotspots (that requires updated moo.)
bychaudi, April 26, 2012
Zoom In
Very nice effect for zoom. One problem i found is the zoom circle is too small. If the size of the zoom lens could be adjusted it would be perfect.
I also had problems with conflicts but i'm not sure this plug in was to blame.
bychaudi, April 23, 2012
Custom Page Navigation
I was looking for something like this because the other navigation component don't seem to work very well.
This one is very nice and didn't find any conflict yet.
A couple things could improved.
The first one is when it gets to the end of the list of file in the category the next button should go around to the first article. Not just end with one arrow going back. Rather disappointing drawback.
The second is that it should be a module. Just set it and forget it and it will work the same way. It take a long time to add this to many article.
Lastly the ability to select article instead of categories for the navigation would be nice.
bychaudi, April 22, 2012
Agreed with the other poster it fried some template menus, also the ugly url.
Another thing, by default languages such as Azerbaijani are showing, yes Azerbaijani. It would be simpler to start the default with a just few common languages, it takes a lot of time to turn off all those languages if you have a few sites.
It works well on a few sites, so thanks. Just disappointing since google turned off their free translate service the alternatives were better.
bychaudi, March 25, 2012
The features i tried failed miserably. You can list a few product for sale but forget about customizing with add fields. Does not work. The thing is full of bugs and hard to use. The custom fields do not work, i tried on a fresh installation. Same with the download a file as a product. You have no choice about taxes you have to work with the script. Not user friendly.
Owner's reply

Custom fields and the entire CCK functionality has been working for years now flawlessly and we dont have a single forum support requests on anything like that.

So although there might have been some issues you have run into i am not quite sure what you would have of problems with custom fields - it just works and its soo easy to do.

bychaudi, July 30, 2011
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Ignite Gallery
This is a good gallery because you can view the thumbs and main image inline, the page doesn't reload, so it is very smooth.
You can also add your own logo, which saves a lot of time. If you don't like your first logo.
It is also very fast to upload many photos on the backend, so you can easily have 100's of photos display fairly quickly.
Missing features i'd like to see:
-Zoom, magnifying glass
-Amazon bucket support
-Other image borders designs options
-Clear resize cache (be careful about this one or you'll have a server full of duplicate images.)
-Choose resize folder location, no buried in the images folder.
- Captions over images.
- include videos
- thumbs inline option
bychaudi, July 20, 2011
I like this as it seems the best available but still lots of bugs:

Can remove or add scripts from things like {mos maps .. so you have to switch to html mode to edit scripts. Or else you scripts don't work.
Uploads: Stuck in the same folder all the time. Can only upload one file at time, should be a nice fold grab.
Fonts: warning don't think all these fonts will actually appear on your site the same way. I learned this the hard way. Fonts seem to have two varieties of each, arial 10 and arial 10 from a different part of the page are different sizes. You can reelect the same font and size and it will shrink!
Some codes don't appear in the editor such as blockquotes.
Spacing and formatting, often get stuck indented and can't get out unless you go to html mode and enter or
Spell checker, i got burned by this one many times. Because you have to run the checker and it turns of your inline spell check. Even after you run it shuts down and you have to restart it. So be careful you don't miss a lot of spell errors with this editor like i did.
bychaudi, July 29, 2009
Google Maps by Reumer
Works great. If your having trouble this component it is probably due to some script problems with the j editor. You should check what that actual script says in the html pop up, that no other charters have been added there. Very cool, looking forward to what comes next from Mike.