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SEO Glossary
installed. imported over 60k terms via phpmyadmin. replaced only one article to check it out. site is not opening, still waiting for load. localhost.
Owner's reply

Hi chaymaker,

Should you have contacted us on our support service, we would have been able to provide you with some assistance and above all not using our extension without any subscription or a pirated version (averred).

BTW, creating a glossary containing 60,000 definitions is possible with SEO Glossary but involves some configuration. You would probably need to forget about the Tooltip feature, unless you have a very powerful web server: for each article, SEO Glossary proceeds to look if any of the words of the glossary is or is not in the article. In your case it has to review 60,000 words for each article. As you can imagine that takes time; which means for the task to complete before the server gives up you need some really fast computing to happen that only an amazingly powerful (and expensive) server could do. Have you ever tied to load 60000 articles on the same Joomla page?

Should you have contacted us, we could have refunded you your purchase if you found it did not fit your needs.

Kind regards,
The JoomUnited Team.