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bychefrichardl1, April 29, 2011
Joom Donation
I recently purchased this extension. I was sold after reading the capabilities it has. I installed it to my site. I am a long time computer user and would consider my knowledge in the top 30% of techies, which is unusual for a 69 year old. I am still learning Joomla but I have an active site and I'm told it is pretty good. This extension is a great solution for taking online donations. It has, I believe, everything needed. I have gotten excellent support by the author. I will post a new review after I use it for a while. Since I started with my first CP/M computer in 1976 I have always wished that software companies would start their Users Manual with a simple overview. For example: "Joom Donation is an extension which asks in a MODULE if a site visitor would like to make a donation, if they say yes DONATE the screen switches to a site PAGE with the donation form down the middle of the page (like an ARTICLE). After completing the form, (including credit card information) the user can check their entries and submit the DONATION. The extension notifies the organization and the donor."