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bychiappa, December 6, 2012
Flexi Custom Code
Used this to add the Open Web Analytics tracking code in PHP. Works great!
bychiappa, December 6, 2012
Incase someone is wondering what's the difference between this and the "Piwik analytics for joomla" component. This is for those who want to install by Piwik by themselves and the other for those who want Piwik install in the same package. I most certainly prefer this way! Very light, extremely simple and effective plugin. Many thanks!
bychiappa, November 27, 2012
Easy Language
I think that together with the default language management features this is the best way to manage multi-lingual content on your site. I just use it whenever convenient.. simple and brilliant. Even free =) No wonder Joom!Fish is dead. Many thanks!
bychiappa, November 12, 2012
Core Design Petitions
I used to use this extension. It's really easy to use, set up, convenient, great support. :) greatjoomla extensions highly recommended.
bychiappa, November 12, 2012
Perfect Forms
This is my absolute favorite form extension for Joomla. The plugin is extremely flexible, easy to use and form editing is conveniently done on the front end. Making it suitable for both inexperienced and experienced users.

It's really worth it's name! The only feature I am missing is automated emails sent back to the submitter. Which is why I was going to give this a four star rating. But I've tried a lot of form plugins and this is the best. Also the support for this is great! Plus Daniel said he would include this feature in the future.
bychiappa, September 10, 2012
I tested this template and it's working no problem. Thanks to the developer for his hard work!

Note! Google PageSpeed 'Keep-Alive' is something different:
bychiappa, August 27, 2012
Rich Snippets Vote
Ah, so easy to use, does exactly what it says. This plugin can be so beneficial that I'm surprised I don't see more people using and praising this. I recommend using it in conjunction with the oh-so-wonderful "Extra Vote" plugin!
bychiappa, August 27, 2012
Extra Vote
As usual it is advised to ignore the idiots with their bad reviews who claim that this plugin doesn't work. It took me a few minutes to set it up with Joomla! 2.5.6: enabled extra vote, disabled the default Joomla voting plugin, added "
Rich Snippets Vote plugin" functionality, set the menu items i want voting for and voila, couldn't be easier! Big up for the developer for his hard work!
bychiappa, July 23, 2012
Read Less - Text
Extremely configurable extension, works like a charm. Support for this is truly heart warming:) I cannot thank enough, but thanks so much anyway!:P