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p8pbb bridge
When J1.5 was in existence, I used the free RokBridge component to link my Joomla site and phpBB forum. I realized that RokBridge was no longer being supported, so I turned to p8pBB Bridge.

This bridge is easy to install and comes with well written and understandable instructions in a PDF file.

I've had to use support a couple times and 2 out of 3 times, the support needed was received promptly. Upon me suggesting a feature to add, they took the idea a immediately started trying to implement it, and kept me up to date during the process.

Since I've been using p8pBB bridge, the free RokBridge has come back out and is compatible with Joomla 2.5 and 3. I've tried using RokBridge with another site of mine and RokBridge doesn't cover a lot of things. For example: when a user registers, it sends the activation email but the link provided in the email sends the user to a URL that uses the unbridged version of phpBB, hence causing usability issues. The install with RokBridge wasn't straightforward-- just to get it installed I had to get help from support and I wasn't satisfied with the results.

p8pBB Bridge comes with JomSocial and Community Builder integration and works great! Can't find this with FREE Bridges!

p8pBB Bridge has built-in SEO options for displaying URLs the way you want. Can't find this in FREE Bridges either!

I'm really satisfied with AlterBrains' Bridge component and will use them in the future...

Thanks to the AlterBrain's staff and support team. You are all great and I appreciate your help!