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bychilie, January 28, 2012
This plugin is fantastic! It is simple to use and lets you choose either the Alt-Text or the Title field for the display. While it would be great if it showed the text within the editor, that isn't how a plugin works most of the time with joomla. Now instead of needing to embed a module with some custom HTML, I can just load my pictures and normal and have all the styling I need.
bychilie, January 28, 2012
While this isn't the easiest component to set up, once you get it going, its a great system. I found the hardest part was configuring the back end. After a few hours of tinkering though, I worked out all the bugs. The documentation is okay, but I rarely had to refer to it. I loved all the options and features that come out of the box for users on the forum. Most of my problems stemmed from a conflict with the built in captcha system. Since I had a captcha system already running in an ajax registration module, the captcha field wouldn't display on the forums. I ended up having to disable captcha in the forums in order to allow registered people to post. This wasn't too much of a concern since I already had spam protections for the registration process so I wouldn't consider this problem a deal breaker.
bychilie, January 28, 2012
EasyCalcCheck PLUS
This simple pluggin did a fantastic job of stopping spammers that were creating accounts on my site. I had a captcha enabled module, but there was no protection for the registration pages that programs such an Kunena and Virtuemart were generating. This pluggin added a simple math problem with plugged all registration protection gaps on the site.
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Have success with ECC+!

bychilie, January 28, 2012
Login Register
Within a half an hour of my site going live, I was starting to get spammer accounts being registered. After doing some searching I found this module.

It works as advertised. I made my module a "register only" type and with the addition of captcha, it stopped all the spammer robots in their tracks.
bychilie, February 21, 2011
Dinamod Tab Modules
This took all but a couple of minutes to have up and running. Very simple to have multiple modules occupying the same space on a site.

The added customization of the main module without having to edit the CSS is an added bonus and saved time.
bychilie, October 23, 2010
Include Component
This worked exactly as advertised. I was able to load a component into an article with no hassles. I think a list of command codes would be useful though.
bychilie, October 19, 2010
This product worked like a champ. I really love the power and configuration that this extension offers. I was able to create a page for my own website and configure the exact look and feel of it on the back end. The back end offers plain explanations of what something does and what are you options for changing a feature or look of the module.
The only gripe I had was the need to install the FLEXIcontent addition.
It easy to get lost in the configuration but if you take the time to read through all the options, you'll figure it out in no time.
When I did have a question, I posted it to the author's website and had a response within 24 hours.
bychilie, October 11, 2010
FW Gallery
The product worked exactly as shown on their demo. I would have like some better documentation so I can figure out how to configure some of the options on the back end, however I figured it out. This extension is very simple to use and adds some style to your website.
If you have 10's of pictures to upload at one time, it will take a while to do unless you pay for their batch uploading module.