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bychill4, April 30, 2011
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Ultimate Facebook Like Content Button
I bought that plugin, installed it fine and it trashed my ZOO Blog. I went on their page and guess what: They offer online live chat help!
I knew: This must be fake. I clicked on it and some seconds later a guy responded via LiveZilla.
A person.
A human being.
A programmer. Not a soulless call center clerk.
How great is that?
The man just started fixing my site right away– while I waited! On a SATURDAY NIGHT!
Can you believe it?
Some minutes later, he had it done!
I find it remarkable that he obviously did not do it for service but for pride: “I will fix it for you” he kept writing in my chat window. And so he did.
I am happy with many extensions here at JED. I really should write more reviews someday on yootools, JoomSEF, XTYPO and some more extensions which make Joomla the awesome problem solver it is today.
But this was the most awesome, effective , sympathetic and happy-ending experience I ever had.
The only downside: 6 Euros is way too cheap for this extension. I mean: You will get facebook recommendations on your items in ZOO, how valuable is that? How much SEO will you not need when having that?
I know there is a free thing from KOOZKA, but it did not work at all and had problems with JoomFish.
I can confirm: It works with JoomFish and ARTIO JoomSEF!
This is not a favor from a friend. I live in Germany and everything I am telling here really happened.
These plugins generate traffic and registrations here every day. At that price, you can’t go wrong.
bychill4, April 21, 2011
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I have been using Joomla for quite some time and I never took the time to write a review to thank the many people making my life and work easier.

I have to finish a project but am now taking a break to comment on this extension.

I hope to save some people time, money and nerves.
I purchased the component right away, never used a free version.

This one really takes the cake and in my personal opinion is close to ripoff. Why?

- You can only attach the FAQs as a menu item.
- The “documentation” (just click above) is over after they told you where to write your questions. You are not even told how to “see” the FAQs in the front-end(!).
- Intro texts do not show.
- The buttons like “Hits” and “Submit a question” are only in English.
- They put a visible backlink to themselves in your FAQ – in a purchased Pro version! you cannot turn that off in "global settings". Do you want to offer their services to your visitors? Unbelievable!
- Do not believe me? Just check their forum before you buy: Most questions are not answered although they keep repeating and repeating how good their support would be. Some users were even begging…
- As you can see in another review here, critics are personally offended.

I will cancel the payment via PayPal. Not that I am crying about 10 Euros or two wasted hours with this “component”, I will not support such behavior. I found the guys from the whole JOOMLA community to be awesome and nice people and I never expected something like this could even happen.

If this was my platform, I would de-list this “component”. Seriously.

With all due respect, I have my doubts on the praises posted here. Sorry!

Since this is my first post here, I hope I will not be excluded or flamed. I do not mean bad or personal but I have made so many great experiences with commercial and non-commercial stuff here that I still am baffled something like this can slip through.