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bychilly_bang, December 15, 2013
Direct Alias
Works out of the box and does, what expected.

It would be much more userfriendly, if one could mark many menu items at once and make them "direct-aliased". It is pretty bunch of work, if one has many menu items - open, press button, save, open... It would be so fine and quick: in the menu items list: mark all up, press button "make checked direct-aliased" and you're done:)
Clear GUI, working extension and helpful supporter/developer: a must-have extension for all, who doesn't want to dig deeply into htaccess.
Thanks Luigi!
bychilly_bang, October 10, 2013
This extension is great with its simplicity!

After developer creates the search module for searching in the added fields values, this extension become a true (and in some parts better) competitor for K2 etc.
Owner's reply

This is difficult to do because of the architecture of the extension. All values additional fields stored in one cell of a database and are not suitable for a full search.

bychilly_bang, September 11, 2013
Easy Joomla Backup
This extension keeps things simple and does its declared task exactly as the coder describes. It works and is free. The one must be pretty spoiled to expect more;)
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your review!

bychilly_bang, June 18, 2013
Fields and Filters
This extention MUST grown:
- Some more fields, like dropdowns, urls, geo, selects group, which must be styleable with custom css classes;
- Allowing nested/conditional fields;
- Filter output templateable, like category blog etc;
- All fields/values must be discretely available from DB, (not all field values inside of one array);
After this extention grows into described direction, all other CCKs will say goodbye. The cause is simple: there are many CCKs in Joomlaversum, but all of them have weak sides. The most weak sides are: using of own, not native Joomla content items, impossibility of detailed search within own content. This one can do both: create fields for Joomlas native content items AND do detailed search within own fields. Tomasz, do it good and consequent, and you will be quickly on top!
Owner's reply

Many thanks for your review and high rating. I added your proposals to my task list. If you'll have following solution please let my know.

I would like to comply my component to the largest group users as posible.

bychilly_bang, March 31, 2013
Really useful extension. As i said, works like expected and out of the box. Saves many handwork and hacking, specially on adding metas to defined URLs.

Users, NOTE: if you have your Joomla installation in a subdirectory, if you add URLs for adding metas, you must add subdurectory name to the URL Path too. In the URLs manager write something like /subdirname/your-defined-page-for-meta.html. If you don't add subdirectory name to the URL path, the added metas will not be attached to your defined page despite you add them in URLs and meta manager!
bychilly_bang, March 24, 2013
This extension does what expected. If you mean rich snippets are importent for your site, use it: it works out of the box, and can be easy customised.
Store for K2
The mainly importent thing for extentions, which are used on earn-money-projects, is the support. The developers of K2Store understand this and take your questions/troubles/feature requests seriously.

Earn money with K2Store without fear: the developers don't just code, they advise befor and after sale too.
bychilly_bang, February 21, 2013
Filter and Search for K2
More support, more functions!
This module earns all best notes from me. It is possible to use it on commercial projects - with this quality of support you will be not lost.

There are more functions in a comparison with other K2 search modules: i say just "working connected fields";)

A bit tricky is the arrangement of the search elements with the module own ordering options, but i went another way and solved this with the ordering of fields in my K2 backend.

Btw: last 2 K2 updates are not a problem for this module: i tested it by myself, and asked the developer. He answered, there are no troubles counted.
K2 component is easy to use and easy to set up. It is mighty, you can built many powerful things with it. Thats the good side.

The dissatisfied side is: if you need help from K2 community or developers, you lost. K2 team doesn't care about community. Very very important bugs with thousends affected users, like duplicated urls issue, are not answered from team till year. The answers, which was given, was just "go away"-answers, they gave no real solution. Active users are just spamers for K2 team, which must kept away from posting through filling captchas, even after registering and more then 40 topics. In the forum with more then 13k threads is 1 (one) active moderator, who isn't knowledgable enough, like team members must be.

Yes, K2 is free. You can use it, there are many good extentions for it too. If you good know, how k2 works, you will be happy with it. And you can let it be, if you plan a project, which must earn money and you need developers help.

I use k2 at a commercial project and i'm really scared, what will happens with the project, if my knowledge will be once not enough and i haven't somebody to help.
Owner's reply

First off, the right place to post verified bugs is not on the forum, as they can easily get lost inside any kind of request. The proper way to submit a bug in the K2 Bug Tracker at - in there you'll see that we address ALL bug reports. If you have a valid bug please post it there.

The K2 Community moderators are doing a great job, far better than many other communities. If they don't reply to some request, that's probably because you didn't search first.

Now as for K2 credibility, I'll never stop repeating that: a) K2 is supported by a company that's been around since 2006, is profitable and going strong year after year and b) K2 is used by the most high profile Joomla! websites being built since 2009.

bychilly_bang, November 19, 2012
My ShortList
I was looking for an extension to let my users create shortlists of closer selected articles. But for my goals is such extension useful only if it shows beside of titles the article images too. MyShortList doesn't offer such possibility. I asked developer, whether he implements this feature and he did it. Beside of this he got some bugs away, related to my installation. Generally speaking: 5 stars for functioning, 5 stars for support, 5 stars for responsibility.
bychilly_bang, October 8, 2012
Organizational Chart Menu
Works like expected and gives possibility to layout menus on a nonorthodox way.

Beside of this, if using it for a declared purpose, also for maintaining personal/organisation charts, it is very very sophisticated.
bychilly_bang, September 28, 2012
works fine, looks cool: who expects more, is to much fussy;)
thanks for the nice thing! it was here in JED a similar one, but only for J!1.5, and i can't fint yours long time. But finally!
Recently Hit Articles
Very interesting extention, which gives a user possibility to see articles with images, which are recently viewed.
The developer has added a image feature on my request and was very responsible on getting a thumbnail path bug away. 5 stars, only because there aren't more of them;)
bychilly_bang, April 30, 2012
Dropdown Articles
i like it. It saves page space, works fine, has clear settings to do the expected job the best way. There are only 2 or 3 dropdown article modules in the JED, but this is the one and only to use without any rottent compromise;) Just a nice thing. With itemId handling and SEF url's, one is best served.
bychilly_bang, March 1, 2012
I must to say on the start: i used only demo on the developers site.
But for this idea i forecast a big future for this extention! This is a sole Joomla ecommerce extention, which uses REGULAR, NATIVE Joomla content items as shop goods. This means, you may use all parts of Joomla universe with your ecommerce items. The developer must only do his job good, keep bugs away and so on, and we get really beautiful ecommerce extention with long life and much usefulness.
Owner's reply

Thank you. We will continue to improve the extension and add more features very soon.

bychilly_bang, December 21, 2011
Form2Content LITE
Sure, the best thing is, that this cck build native joomla content items - this let you use all joomla 3d-part extentions universe with it. SMARTY as templating engine let you easy implement all plugins you wish.
And better support you wouldn't wish - the f2c-guys are proactiv, skliful and easygoing. All in all, if you wish well structured information on you site without deployment and running troubles, take f2c.
bychilly_bang, November 10, 2010
aha, early adopters already in da house. yes, the plugin works, as expected, and will be supported, as expected. the nonumber art to code gives a feeling, the Joomla is a right choise.

the setting of this plugin (and for the tab-plugin too) is transparent and easy understandable - you must only read the documentation, copy the example, try it works and adjust it for your needs.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much :)

Instead of copying the example, you can also use the editor button to insert the example code...

bychilly_bang, November 9, 2010
This module covers 90% of thinkable possibilities, what a man can do with Joomla-articles, and it does this with uncomparable quality. Another 10% of possibilities are not necessary, redundant and wasting of the client budget.

If you buy Boris just as much slugs of beer, as optiones provided by this module, there are minimum a good pair of bottles.
bychilly_bang, November 4, 2010
Articles Anywhere
To tell the truth, i must write reviews for all extentions developed by Peter. This guy has incomparable deeply knowledge about giblets of Joomla - if you use any extention by nonumber, you can blindly trust, that the developer thought about all odds and ends of coding. And if you use any 3rd part extention, what must work together with extentions by nonumber, be sure, Peter forces it to work.
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