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bychilly_bang, November 4, 2010
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To tell the truth, i must write reviews for all extentions developed by Peter. This guy has incomparable deeply knowledge about giblets of Joomla - if you use any extention by nonumber, you can blindly trust, that the developer thought about all odds and ends of coding. And if you use any 3rd part extention, what must work together with extentions by nonumber, be sure, Peter forces it to work.
bychilly_bang, June 10, 2010
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There are many ways to use google maps with joomla content items. What exactly i wish?
1: binding joomla content items to google maps,
2: showing of google map within a content item with a marker for content item,
3: showing of google map with markers linked to all content items,
4: showing of layer list near google map with possibility to show only markers from single or more layers,
5: building of routes and polygons based on content items.
There component and content plugin fulfill all of listed wishes. The price you pay for this extension is the price you pay normally for one hour of programmers job. For this price you get all listed functions and support with unreachable quality. You can waste you time with comparsion and using of other extensions, but if you regard highly your time, you will not use other then this one.
bychilly_bang, March 28, 2010
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I got spam mails in 2 minutes after installation. Developers, what did you mean with security code, that is always the same?
Owner's reply

Please contact our support before reviewing a product. The spam code is not the same every time, it is a random code that is different on every page load. There are several forms used to block spam and if all else fails there are params in the backend of the module where the administrator can enter "blocked words". If any of these words appear in the content of the email it will not be sent.

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