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Form2Content LITE
We evaluated several similar modules for use in a site for a regional professional society. We bought several and chose Form2Conent, even though it had the highest price.

Form2Content was the best performing, most flexible candidate. The variety of fields a form can contain and the admin's ability to format displays were significant in our decision.

The support is excellent. Since purchasing and implementing, we have contacted support for one issue. Their assistance was timely, clear, and effective. They helped us discover a configuration error _we made_ in migrating from our development to live server.

Professional product. Professional people.
JE Story submit
* The component functioned as promised, allowing unregistered users to submit content from the front end.
* Captcha also functioned
* For my site (Running J 1.5.21 with the Afterburner template) the component seemed to modify the look and feel of the site, changing the font-end color scheme instead of letting the template's CSS do its job. It's one thing to fight formatting with a free component, but another to fight with formatting on a commercial component.
* There are mis-spellings in the component that must be fixed at the code level, not the back-end configuration level.