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bychrisgregg, December 10, 2010
JCal Pro
I purchased this calendar because it looked the best of all the demos I tried and fits in nicely with the layout of my site as it is CSS based. I have only one problem with this extension however it is a major issue - there is no Location field and this is an issue which has been reported on their support forums for several years and never implemented - most of the questions relating to this have been ignored on the forum (e.g. and the most recent response I could find from the developers (which was way down the search results) said that there are no plans to release any updates until the next version which will be for Joomla 1.6.

Considering this is such a simple thing to fix - (seriously - how hard can it be to add a text field to a database???) it is amazing that this has never been corrected, especially as this is a commercial extension.

Until this is resolved I am unable to use this on my site and have wasted my money.