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bychriso0258, May 11, 2012
Akeeba Subscriptions
I'm building a chess website for an association and needed a means to collect paid registrations. I tried some other free "Form" components but they required either too much configuration to get Paypal to recognize the data or they didn't provide Paypal Integration.

I tried Akeeba Subscriptions hoping it would be an answer for what should be a relatively easy project.

1. Installation was easy and direct.
2. Easy to create subscription levels
3. I like the idea of the auto subscription notifications you can configure.

1. I set up a Paypal sandbox account for testing. I could run through a few test subscriptions but after Paypal confirmed the payment, the account would not automatically activate. I don't know if this is normal in test mode or not.

2. If one of the test payments went through, I'd try another test for another level and noticed the form data was still there from the last submittal. My browser is set to clear everything and not save form data so I don't think it was my browser. Also, I have my template set to not cache pages.

3. I would go back to make a configuration change to one of the subscription levels and when I went to save the changes I got a fatal error message. After that, I could no longer submit any payments to the test account.

I'm sure there are explanations for all these but you must pay for any support as Akeeba does not have a free forum. That is not a criticism, that's just the way they do business.

I think I would rather they charge for their component and then I would not have used up so much time trying to make this work.
Owner's reply

Regarding your points:

1. There are certainly issues with PayPal's Sandbox. I know that. You have to use a penny value of .00 for the transaction to go through. There's however an easy workaround: use the live account, create a subscription with a value of $1.00 and buy it.

2. The form data is saved in the user session and auto-filled from the user's profile. Think about a user who wants to buy two or three subscriptions to different levels on the same day. Would you really want them to retype the same information each time they visited your site? Or retype all that info when all he needs is renew his subscription? I don't understand how something which increases your conversion rate is a bug?!

3. You are the first and only person to have (semi-)reported that. Unfortunately I can't provide support over the comments here, especially since I would have to guess version numbers, trigger conditions etc. Also note that bug reports are FREE. All you have to do is use our Contact Us page – which you obviously did not do. I will say it again: a bug unreported is a bug never fixed. I don't put bugs in my software intentionally and I certainly cannot fix a bug that's not been reported and I cannot reproduce.

>> I think I would rather they charge for their component and then I would not have used up so much time trying to make this work.

I fail to understand the logic behind that. Let's say we asked for 100$ for the component. It would be the same component you now get for free. You'd have the same problems. The only difference is that you'd have support. You can have support for 8 days for 7.79 EUR or for 365 days for 85 EUR (which also includes access to *all* of our software). So, if it makes you feel better to actually spend money rather than get the software for free why didn't you just subscribe to our 85EUR AKEEBADELUXE level?