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Does what it says and is free. The other review from the other review below is completely OFF. This works in 2 seconds and gets the player just how I want it with as little code as possible.

Great Job - Great Extension - and SlideBoom is Great Website too,.
Article Module
remember to make any edits to the extention in joomla if you don't like the way it looks i.e. for me i had the "latest update info" and I couldn't figure out why.

but this module treats the article as it is so it allows for plugins to occur.

bychristian15213, September 8, 2010
I can't say enough of the help Kunena gave me with putting my forum together. I had a snafu that I was blaming Kunena and CB but rather it was my templates issue regarding Roketheme's Gantry.

You have to go to the site template parameters and turn off Build titles Spans to get the full force of the Kunena Profile to work. For those of you with RT

Lastly, for those of you wondering if Kunena can handle large sites... They can and are working to run even larger sites. The commitment to this forum is amazing and the fact it is free is ridiculous.
DPCalendar Lite
A plugin that works... !!! you have no idea how hard it is to find such thngs. It JUST WORKS. A couple bugs with Google calendar versus his own but nothing to not download it and use or not enough to even rate it anything less than a 5+ Stars.

Thank you and I will donate.