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bychristineward, February 16, 2014
I bought this extension to display K2 Items for a Tour Booking Website. The layout choices are extensive, the possibilities are endless, and I couldn't be happier with it.

I had some questions about modifying the CSS and one post in the forum led to quick answers.

Great extension and I'll definitely use it on future projects.
bychristineward, January 17, 2014
SW Tabs PRO for K2
I bought the bundle, and while I have only used a few of the products so far, the ones I have tried work perfectly.

My favorite is this one, the Tabs Pro. I have been using Zoo for a while, but was having issues with layouts on phones and tablets.

These tabs look awesome on computers, and on smaller devices the 'tabs' switch to more like 'accordions', making it VERY easy to view on phones.

Had a question about something, posted on forum, got answered quickly and concisely.

Worth the money for sure!
bychristineward, January 17, 2014
Additional Categories for K2
Worked within 2 minutes of installing it, nice to be able to choose extra categories. Worked great for a few days, all of a sudden today it wouldn't let me add an item, doing a search of the error lead to their forum, where there was very clear, and I have to say EASY, instructions on how to fix it. Applied the fix, all is well. Thanks for great extension.
bychristineward, November 22, 2013
I bought this about 2-3 weeks ago, and I did NOT read the documentation closely, I just kind of 'dove in' and started using it. I think if I had, I'd try to give it MORE than 5 stars, because even without reading everything, it has exceeded my expectations!

You go to the component, you see the 'real' URLS, you see what the 'SEF' URLS, and you just change it to what you want. Brilliant!

And being able to edit keywords and descriptions for all pages, without going to each page and doing so, is the icing on the cake.

LOVE this extension.
bychristineward, March 14, 2013
Started using this on a new website a few weeks ago. As with any new extension, there is a learning curve. However, between the documentation and the support forum, I have yet to not solve whatever problem I'm having.

So far I have used only the Product Catalog and Business Directory apps, but both are great right out of the box. Customization is available, with tutorials to show you how, but for now, the standard apps work fine for me.

I look forward to exploring the other apps, and thanks Zoo for a great product and excellent support.
bychristineward, October 22, 2012
Advanced Module Manager
I have been using No Number Extensions for a little over a year and when they recently offered the Package Deal, complete with an extension that once installed, always makes sure you have the latest updates, I purchased that.

Over the years I have had a few small issues, and if reading the forum for similar problems didn't solve the issue, then a quick support ticket always resulted in a prompt response from Peter that gave me the answer.

Last week, I had what wasn't a 'small issue' and Peter had to pretty much walk me through it over a series of several support ticket responses. And I am very grateful for that level of support.

The ability to use this extension to pretty much put a module anywhere you want to, using many different criteria, is priceless, and I use it frequently throughout my sites.

Can't offer enough praise for ALL No Number Extensions, and highly recommend them to everyone.
bychristineward, September 17, 2012
I have been using No Number Extensions since I started using Joomla almost exactly 1 year ago. I started with Advanced Module Manager, then moved my way through the entire library. Great extensions, great support.

Tabber is an incredibly easy to use extension, you just place the code in your article or module, and voila, nicely formatted content that is easy to read.

I recently upgraded to the Go Pro Bundle that includes ALL the extensions, and the greatest thing is the No Number Extensions Manager. It is a component right in your admin area, and you can always see new updates and download right from there, or re download if needed.

Those two extensions alone, Tabber and Advanced Module Manager, save me hours of time when creating websites...worth every penny!

Thanks for a great extension.