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bychristopherO, February 26, 2014
Instant Paypal
Wow - just a couple of minutes and I had a page with payment links for several products.
Total simplicity and it works like a dream.
Unless you need something more complex - then try this one.
bychristopherO, February 20, 2014
BF Survey
Quick to understand and set up. Great looking and functional. Very fast support response. And it doesn't cost much. Recommend it!!
bychristopherO, January 11, 2014
Does all I need and more - simply and straightforward; more options if I want to experiment but had my images up and running in minutes just as I need them. Instructions easy to follow - well done and thank you for this.
bychristopherO, July 4, 2013
Testimonial Fader
. . . for product and support service. Highly recommended.
bychristopherO, June 10, 2013
Art Total Menu Light
I wanted to put small menus into articles for local contextual navigation rather than using text links.
This is so easy to set up, looks good and does the job superbly.
bychristopherO, December 31, 2012
SJ Article Carousel
Mine is a community magazine portal so there's no cash for software except from my own pocket.
So I choose carefully.
I reckoned that this one would enhance the magazine and would be worth trying for the very small fee being asked. And, yes, I am pleased.
It is extremely easy to set up and use ... and it is very effective.
I would like to say that service is excellent but that's for another time because it wasn't needed.
Well done Super Joom.
bychristopherO, November 26, 2012
Freestyle FAQs
I need a user manual for my staff. This excellent and easy to set up and use extension does the job.
Small problem displaying in Firefox but works first class in IE and Chrome.
I recommend you try this - you will not be disappointed.
bychristopherO, July 12, 2012
I have been using JA Comment but, after buying EasyDiscuss I decided also to try this - it is streets ahead of JA with so much more functionality and easy of use - and it imported all existing comments from JAcomment.
Brilliant and amazing for a free extension - all Stack Ideas extensions are really well worth using!!
And service - I posted a question and then came here to write this review and whilst writing this, back came the answer to my question - that's service.
bychristopherO, July 9, 2012
I used this to replace Kumena as it is easier for my members to use; that does not at all suggest that EasyDiscuss is not as sophisticated; fact is the interface and usability are better and clearer.
And that service everyone talks about. Ask a question and the answer is very quickly back - and the second.
A brilliant and easily customised product with A* service - and at a price that's extremely fair.
Take this one seriously.
bychristopherO, June 21, 2012
Very Simple Image Gallery
I just wanted to have some thumbnails and option for my members to click to see the larger image.
I tried some of the more sophisticated, and complex, options.
Then I realised that this is what I really needed - simple yet effective - and very very easy to set up.
It is an extension I can use in any article with so little effort and time.
I suggest that, unless you really must have light boxes and fancy transitions, this is for you.
bychristopherO, June 4, 2012
Cookie Monster
So easy to install and set up. Worked first time. Easy for my visitors. First class and I am quickly compliant.
Owner's reply

I really appreciate you taking the time to make this review, Thanks.

bychristopherO, May 8, 2012
RS Cool Mp3 Player
My local church asked if they could put their sermons on my community web site.
Well, this is just the job - excellently simple and effective. Easy to set up with sufficient customisation to enable you to fit it to your template.
Recommend trying it
bychristopherO, April 8, 2012
For a free menu this is amazing.
So much customisation, tree structure, colours for font and background and mouse over etc.
Place it wherever you like and a choice of vertical or horizontal. And so on ....
My site is getting ever more complex and this gem has made navigation so much easier and resolved all the confusion.
Excellent - highly recommended - 6******
bychristopherO, March 21, 2012
Code 7 Responsive Accordion
I had some issues with this - twice this morning.
Each time I e-mail Daniel and he reworked the module to meet my suggestions. And he did it very fast. Within three hours two main characteristics had been made customisable.
It is a simple accordion but clean, easy to set up, and works very well and fast.
I like this and know it will become a must use on my lowerteme community site.
And Daniel says he is still listening if there are any other things need resolving. Well done Daniel!!
Owner's reply

Thanks for the great review and glad you like it, credit must go to Tristan for coding and making the changes to the Module though :)

bychristopherO, December 12, 2011
Simple Random Quotes
Perhaps because it is exactly what I wanted - maybe others were just to clever.
Whatever, this simple module is excellent and provides additional changing contents on my home page.
It is also useful for random announcements and other things - you can use your imagination.
Get it and try it!!
bychristopherO, December 9, 2011
Content Templater
This is a must have - something you appreciate more and more after you start using it.

It not only helps productivity but also helps to maintain consistent style. And it is so easy to get started and use it.

Given that it's free [well I know he would like a donation]there is no risk - install it and see how much it will make your life easier.
bychristopherO, December 6, 2011
Find Us On Facebook
I get confused getting FB interoperability
But not with this one - open and complete the form - done and working.
bychristopherO, November 22, 2011
There is so little needs saying - download, install, get this simple but so very useful module working for you.
bychristopherO, October 16, 2011
PHP Image Editor Lite Joomla
Now my community members can do even more for themselves - no longer any need to send me their pics to crop, re-size, edit for them.
So easy to install and use - excellent and so much needed - thanks.
bychristopherO, September 7, 2011
Phoca Gallery
I have just installed my second - the first for my community site and the other for a friend to show off his photography.
Two very different presentations from the same component. And I am sure I still haven't understood it's full potential.
Very highly recommended.
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