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bychriswe, February 23, 2007
This is a realy nice component, I am using this component for a while on my site now and I got great support from the developer. I have installed the newest version 1.12.2.

I like:
category index, even the third category is showing up in the main index by numbers and random images.

The zoom if you click on an image.

The discription, vote, EXIF info and comment by each image

mod_rsitems (showing random, latest, populair, latest comment etc.)

What I see as a improvent in the future is:
Joomla has the future that you can change the name of the author in an article. On my site I place a lot photo's of members on my site, it would be nice if I can change my name in their name, so that you can see the foto/category is made by the one who made the photo.

cbplugin is not what it has to be. It shows only you own categories and no random pictures. It would be also nice that the public can see what the latest photo is a user uploaded.