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bycifar24, November 27, 2012
RSform Pro
I found RSForms really easy to setup. Everything worked like a charm. The admin UI is very intuitive. I didn't have to read their documentation to configure the forms by just duplicating the example forms installed with the component. I like their mailchimp integration and I am looking forward to set that up.
bycifar24, August 3, 2012
I just can't believe this is not a commerical module. So many great features wowed me when I started looking into this module. A really really great piece of work. Kudos to the developers. Extensions like this makes Joomla! priceless.
I have used this in a couple of my websites with absolutely no problems.
Then I installed it on another website and the captcha did not work at all. Later I found out that it was due to a javascript issue. I found out the template that it worked with and made the component to use this new javascript library which worked fine.
bycifar24, March 6, 2009
I have been trying this extension on my website since yesterday. I think this extension does not have several qualities that is expected in a pro/commercial extension. I found the following issues on this version:

1. Only one view (detail view) is available. (in other words, you don't get any option to select various views while adding the component on a page)
2. There is no search module. The only option for search is on the default view. When enabled, it is displayed on every single page, even on the page that displays form to add a car.
3. It is difficult to customize the look/style of the page because the source code is not well structured. For example, the view folder is inside the model folder. The helper program is utilized to display search forms. Tons of nested tables are used for formatting.

Overall, it is good for money and worth buying if you are prepared to learn PHP and CSS.
Owner's reply

Like most of other extentions you have one detail view.
You do have search module in the full pack.Check modules folder of the received file.In fact this module is used in demo site and since it's release...About the code we've clean and adjust many of this not needed tables/code