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bycircsoc, May 6, 2010
This component will add a very large advert on some of it's pages, this is a feature I do not like at all.
Owner's reply

Pity this reviewer didn't trouble with any research before criticizing an application that gives excellent service to many users. During a download (and nowhere else) Remository is capable of displaying a message, and by default it displays advertising which makes a small contribution to the Remository project. Remository is one of very few major applications that is so far still completely free in all respects.

It is not difficult to find out that the download message is admin configurable through the standard Remository admin interface, and anyone who thinks advertisements are not appropriate can change them to something else or nothing at all. Although I would ask people who do that to make some contribution to the project.

bycircsoc, October 8, 2009
Cache Cleaner
I think I downloaded the very first version of this plugin a year or so ago and it was useful then. Now with the ajax cleaning of the cache it is a huge timesaver, great idea for a plugin and an even better implementation
Owner's reply

I must disappoint you. This is the first version of this plugin. It wasn't made yet a year ago. So you are probably thinking of another extension (not by me).
But glad you like it anyway :)

bycircsoc, September 27, 2009
BIGSHOT Google Analytics
Download, install, publish, all in under 30 seconds. No need to add to template or add and script anywhere, just install and enter your google web id.
bycircsoc, November 7, 2008
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Content Optimizer
I had no idea how badly my images were optimised, and how lazy I was being. But this plugin is brilliant, easy install pretty much no configuration required but it dramatically improved the load time on my website. Using a website load time speed test that checks load times from all over the world without this plugin enabled most load time were about 3-6 seconds with the highest loaf time from LA was 15 seconds. With the plugin enabled the average load time was 0-2 seconds with the highest time being from China at 6 seconds.

Every Joomla website should have this plugin installed. Thanks