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bycircuz_phreak, November 10, 2012
Social presence
Didn't have time to turn on error reporting and figure out what went wrong.

Just took everything down...couldn't access anything. Had to disable the plugin manually in the DB.
bycircuz_phreak, December 17, 2010
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Generate Profiles for JomSocial
I found this component extremely limited based on the site I was applying it to. Also, the North American content was not good at all (zipcodes, cities, names). It was too scarce and not accurate. No where near the amount of information I required for profiles to be generated. Also, no functionality for updating last visited times for fake users, or putting them online (only offline). Since I am a programmer I was able to customize it to my liking and add a lot of functionality and clean up the North American content and add more profile data to be generated. But for the average person your out of luck. Support was very lacking too, I got a quick response to request more information about my setup, than I never heard from them again or got the issue resolved (solved it myself). I don't recommend this especially since it is a paid component and isn't worth the money. Like i said, it saved me from writing it from scratch but in order to get what I wanted done I needed to do a huge modification, without any help from the developers (wouldn't point me in any direction or explain areas of the code at all).