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bycirnius, May 24, 2013
Simple Youtube
Super simple, exactly as the name suggests. Wasted a lot of time looking for a YouTube module that was easy to set-up, actually embedded the videos (surprisingly not all do... kind of pointless having a youtube module that can't find videos imho) and didn't smear my site with copious credit lines.

Thank you very much to the developer.
bycirnius, September 13, 2012
DPCalendar Lite
Very simple to use, good documentation. Excellent module.
bycirnius, April 6, 2011
Flash Countdown Timer
5 stars if it could countdown to time of day as other posters have mentioned. Other than that it's a great module which does exactly as stated and is easy to use.
bycirnius, April 6, 2011
Ninja Simple Icon Menu
As promised this module is easy to use, and not that they're required but it does include clear instructions.

The module does everything it promises and was very useful on my site as an easy to manage sponsors link table.

Thanks for the module, keep up the good work.