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bycjmicro, December 9, 2011
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JoomUltra WorldMap
we needed a map of north america, and bought this then realized it was a world map... but the developer responded right away and said he was coming out with a new version. we put it on hold but surprisingly the new version came out in days!! Every time I email for support he is right on it. Great component and excellent support so far. I recommend this extension highly.
bycjmicro, January 16, 2009
I install this as first order of business on any joomla site. It is invaluable.
bycjmicro, August 7, 2008
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This is my first review on an extension, as I'm a new Joomla user. I installed chrono forms with no problem, and was able to get it up and running with a few simple forms without any trouble. It also allows you to download the results in a spreadsheet format which is useful for other applications. The client whose site we're using Chrono Forms is also happy with the functionality and ease of use.

The real test came when I wanted the forms to perform a bit more... like use CB user info to prepopulate and use a custom form with 2 submit buttons for different actions. I am no programmer, but the support on the Chronoengine forum has been great and Max & Bob are helping me do this, which makes me look great (and smart! LOL)