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byclare12345, June 28, 2010
Community Builder
I downloaded this just the other day. I can't figure out what community ware to add to my site, and I really wanted to go with a non commercial one. This one is very interesting. It is not entirely straight-forward in its back end, but it does seem to have a lot of features (not sure what they are). My site is still in development mode, but I was not able to figure out how to use a few of the tabs in the back end. There also is an entry in the included plug-in section that says Mamblog, but it doesn't work. I did some research and saw that it has not been working in a few years. It does have a good profile layout with fields that you can change and choose. I, however, am looking for something with blog capabilities. Wish the Joomla core had this. There is the Profilebook free extension on the Community Builder site and I tried to download and install that and it didn't work. I asked on their forum if they could give me some help as to why not, and they told me that that "free" extension would only work in legacy mode, or I could purchase the one that works with J1.5. Anyway, if I decide to go with something free, this will be the extension for me. Along with another blog extension. But as of now I'm definitely leaning towards paying for a different community extension.