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byclassic1, May 13, 2011
EZ Autos
I would give this extension an excellent rating expect for 3 things, But before i go in to these let me still say that without a doubt this is the very best extension for vehicles out there and well worth the purchase price. The only cons i have found with this extension are as follows:
1)No sub Categories available. This is a problem for the following reason, If a user is looking to buy a vehicle it stands to chance that they will also be looking to buy parts for that vehicle. Without the ability to have sub-cats part's categories are almost impossible to create.
2)This extension only comes with 1 month of support and upgrades. Support during that time frame is very fast and helpful, normally within 10 minutes. But the 1 month support is an very short time frame and dose not help with bug fixes found after the support period has expired.
3)This extension is not 1.6 ready yet and any information about it's completion date is not easily found on the web site ( also have yet to find the forum for the site yet)
But all of that not withstanding, if you intend to run automotive classifieds on your site this is the ONLY extension to use! No others even come close to this! Great work hope to see more from this extension soon.
byclassic1, May 13, 2011
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EXP Auto
Extension displays very nicely, which is the only nice thing i can say about it. Exp Auto is Non-functional for any kind of commercial site. you can not specify the number of images per ad type ( Free, Featured ect.)No sub category levels, no front end make or model options by user, no user upgrade options such as free ad upgrades.owner has been promising an Joomla 1.6 version since before Feb. in 1-2 weeks, 1-2 weeks never comes! Just to many other faults to even list here. found this extension to be a complete waste of $100.00 and many hour of wasted work. Would love to find 1 usable commercial vehicles extension that will actually work for a REAL automotive site.