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byclassixuk, October 31, 2008
This component shows real promise and is a must for any Joomla webmasters who wish to integrate a full forum software like phpBB, SMF or myBB into their Joomla sites.

Whilst the component is still in Alpha stage, I jumped in and began using it on a small live site after rigourously testing it. What these guys call Alpha, is what most other developers would call a RC in my opinion.

I actually upgraded my entire site from Joomla 1.0 to Joomla 1.5 just to be able to use this component.

And the best thing is, being able to offer full forum functionality again to my members and moderators.

I forgot just how much stuff Fireboard cannot do, and how difficult it can be to Administer (no merge posts or anything).

JFusion has solved that, and I look forward to it being able to fully run in Frameless mode once it moves out of Alpha and the bugs are squashed.

Well done Marius, Imran and James.