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byclivecchi, April 21, 2010
ProjectFork is a simple to use project management component. Perhaps more important is that the support is great and friendly. While you may not always get a response in the first couple hours (although not uncommon) or maybe even a day, you will get a response. And they do really listen and try to help.

The commissioning system is a little complex, but once you understand it, your good to go.

I am not a programmer but was able to easily make some slight code modifications to make it a little "better' for me. I think this speaks to the clarity in their design style.

I highly recommend Project Fork.
byclivecchi, August 27, 2009
I used Fireboard on an old site and was reasonably pleased although there we some little things I did not like.... Kunena is simply great... The forum is active and any issues are answered quickly. It seems like Kunena has a great future...

Simple integration with Jomsocial..
byclivecchi, August 27, 2009
This plugin takes 20 seconds to download, 20 seconds to upload and 20 seconds to set your preferences.... So in one minute all of your content (and also kunena forum) that have properly formatted bible references are linked to an online bible..... Couldn't be more simple!

Thank You !!!