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bycloakeddog, December 15, 2009
Hi there!

After trying many different form components, and having found BT, I just had to leave this little review to let others that are looking for such software to go ahead and try BT.
Besides the quick and easy way to make forms, the support is awesome!

If there were 6 stars I'd give it to them!
bycloakeddog, April 11, 2008

I was a bit worried about installing JFusion only cause it is still in Alpha, but after reading the comments and so on decided to give it a try. After a simple install and quick configuration, phpBB was integrated into my Joomla web site. It took only about 5 minutes to have everything running.
JFusion is AWESOME!

Runing phpBB 3.1 and Joomla 1.5.2
JFusion 1.0.6a alpha

User Sync works 100%
JFusion Latest module 100%
JFusion Login Module 100%

As for now, I did not find any bug, or gotten any errors anywhere.