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bycloakendagger, October 15, 2014
Not a lot of extensions get 5 stars from me, there’s always something that can be improved on. However, in this case the developers of the software impressed me by their attention to detail, the quality of the code, their commitment to improvement, their roadmap for refinement and most important, the unprecedented product support. I found the backend interface intuitive and easy to learn, but also easy to understand by novice clients. When I had an issue I got a support response back within minutes!  I hope to see this product grow and see a lot of success because there are very few property extensions on the Joomla market that have such a responsive team of developers supporting it. Great Job Guys!
bycloakendagger, May 16, 2008
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This new version is screwed up, the add to cart button, quantity boxes and a the whole template system is jacked. I cant get the add to cart button on the product list pages to show not matter how much I mess with it. Also, it has an issue with Joomla template assignments. On top of that, there is no support for these issue on their site.

I would wait until the next version, because this one is not ready for to be distributed.