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bycma01, September 15, 2012
BT Login
I was looking for a login module that didn't take up so much vertical space.

I would have been happy with a plain inline horizontal form, but this was perfect.

It took me a little bit to figure out the correct settings to integrate with AEC, but it
bycma01, September 15, 2012
VJ Templates Login
I tried installing this on 2.5.7.

The module installs, there is a login button. However, as someone else said, even though there is a setting that allows you to set fixed or float, the module still goes in an absolute position outside of the template.

I could have adjusted my theme CSS for this; however, the log in just doesn't work.

If installed when going to the front end, there is an error message that displays saying that com_virtuemart is missing. If you are using virtuemart, that probably isn't a problem. This particular site wasn't.

I edit the module template removing the check for Virtuemart. The error didn't display, but then the login doesn't work now.

I just gave up on this module. Considering the time it would take me to edit the files to get it to work and then style it so it fits my theme (the bright purple button is the only style that comes with the module,) I could edit the existing login.

I don't care about the flyout, I was just looking for login module that was already horizontal rather than having to style it myself.
bycma01, May 25, 2012
This extension was just what I was looking for to list articles within a category. It's a great replacement for the ArtCat 1.5 extension.

I haven't run into the issues the other reviewers have.
bycma01, February 9, 2007
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I've been waiting to use this component since I first ran across it in late 2005.

I tried holding out until ACL's were fully integrated, but an organization redesign came up and I decided to go ahead with the install rather than wait for the ACL functionality with Joomla 1.5.

Even without the the ACL's, I am just thrilled with the funcationality so far. The site I am using it for is for a small member nonprofit organization. Just being able to maintain the membership details online, readily accessible, is a huge bonus.

The profiles provide a very flexible way to display contact information on the front end.

It does take a little more effort to install than standard Joomla components, but I had no problems following the details, step-by-step instructions provided to install from directory.