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bycmb, August 29, 2013
Okay, this is seriously good software. I installed it on a Website (Joomla 2.5 viewed in Firefox) that I'm building for some less-than-techie administrators. The core Joomla Media Manager doesn't have the features that they need and ProFiles fits the bill. I can give my client text file editing capability and the drag-and-drop functions. The extension can be configured so that they only have access to the images directory. There are a few spelling errors in the English language version but those are easily overlooked.
bycmb, April 9, 2013
jQuery Easy
This is a wonderful piece of software. Thank you, Olivier.
Owner's reply

You are very welcome. Thank you for your review!

HTTPBL - Project Honeypot Blocklists
A few days ago I installed this plugin on a site I manage. After checking the log file that it produces, I am gratified with the results. Now the size of and the time spent maintaining the site's IP Deny list have been significantly reduced. Over the course of four days about 100 unique IP addresses were blocked in 450 attempts to gain access.

A human can be blocked because they are using an IP address flagged in the Project Honey Pot database as malicious. In that case they may indicate that they are not a bot and are allowed to navigate the site. They do, though, see a banner notifying them that their IP address is tainted.

There are a few things about this plugin that should be improved. Notably, as of this writing, there is no version available for Joomla 2.5. I have decided that I will postpone the migration of some of my Websites from Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 2.5 rather than leave this extension behind.
Owner's reply

Hi, Thanks for your kind review.
Just so you know i do receive some suggestions for this plugin future and taking those into account i've planned several things for the development of the 2.5 compatible version

on admin side :
- choosing log file location and name
- Possibility for the admin to try a test query
(this version does not allow you to see that the pluging is working)

on front- end side:
- Possibility for an "innocent" flagged user to close the banner (at the moment it stays on as long as the user's ip has been flagges during the last 7 days)
- overall spell checking (someone reported quite a few misspellings and various typos)

The only thing I can't be sure of is when I'll have time to furthermore develop this extension. It's done as a pro-bono work, that I do on my spare time, ans spare time has been scarce lately :)

bycmb, January 12, 2012
I'm working on a Website that can benefit from caching. Unfortunately, there are two articles protected by passwords using the ContentPassword plugin. That plugin doesn't work with the stock Joomla caching. The passwords are never recognized.

JotCache allows you to exclude individual articles from caching so I installed it. After some configuration of JotCache, I enabled the plugin. It works well and solves my problem.
bycmb, May 11, 2011
Google Maps by Reumer
I love this plugin. I have used it on several Websites now, most recently with a KML file. It's versatile and performs well.