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bycnaughton, February 11, 2011
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This extension is so easy to use that I had it up and running within an hour. But the best thing about this extension is the support. These people are very responsive and willing to help you with anything you need. They don't just talk the game they actually deliver.

I will use all of their extensions for my projects!
bycnaughton, December 2, 2010
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I purchased the year long subscription. Before my purchase they were very responsive and helpful. Once I purchased the component I could not get the registration template working properly. I contacted customer support and they offered to build it for me (for a fee). Two weeks went by and I never heard a word.

Eventually, I had to look elsewhere. I had already invested in this so I had to see it through. In total, I hired three people to try and make it work and each one could not. I have never had this much of a problem with anything "joomla."

I wrote Ronnie and after much back and forth they refused to give me a refund and I was never provided with the estimate to build the template.

I do not advise using these products. It is way too much aggrevation and there are a ton of better solutions available.