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bycodlink, March 3, 2014
Been using kunena for a few weeks now and have zero issues with it. Incorporated easily with a RT template and customizing it to blend it was as easy as some CSS editing.

Has alot of features that you would find in phpbb3 but not as hard to implement with Joomla.

Would highly recommend Kunena to anyone.
bycodlink, February 23, 2014
MG Thumbnails
I needed a plug-in that could create thumbnails on any part of a site (module, articles, etc..), and this one did it. Nice feature list and works for Joomla 3.x.

Only downside is that you have to use a certain editor for this to work. You have to insert an image, then resize it. This extension will insert the smaller image as a thumbnail and make it clickable for full size.

I think it would make this the best if it had it's own syntax so you could use your own editor.

Great extension! Thanks!
bycodlink, February 23, 2014
Used this extension in the past and when I needed one for another site, I came here. This time for a 3.x Joomla site. Works great with issues at all. Great list features, but also can just display a clean module with a download list.

Only downside is their documentation. Looks like their working on it though..

This is the one you need. Just download it.
bycodlink, February 19, 2014
I have tried all of the top rated e-commerce cart extensions and they all failed. This is the first one that worked out of the box. Nice and plentiful features, great layout, and works!
bycodlink, February 19, 2014
This is an ok extention and allows for you to have a simple online store with a paypal check-out. Shame about the issue with the buttons otherwise this would be an excellent extension! There are lots of posts and talk about the buttons issue, but still not fixed. I think it's because they want you to pay to get support.
Owner's reply


Unfortunately, as noted in the last review, we are not aware of any issues with our Add to Cart or Checkout buttons. If you are having any conflicting issues, please submit a new topic into our Community Forum or contact us via our support email:

Nevertheless, we are in the process of creating a new version of RokQuickCart that will be responsive with more checkout payments options and custom field options. Please stay tuned.

Kind regards,

RocketTheme LLC

bycodlink, June 5, 2012
Fabulous module with tons of options (almost too many)! Tried several others and found all of them were not compatible with my other modules. This is the only one that does not conflict!
bycodlink, April 8, 2012
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Akeeba Release System
Read the reviews and decided to go with this. Spent several hours trying to get this to work but in the end it broke my database and made the everything on the site rearrange. Documentation is just a dictionary, not instructions on how to get this to work.

In the end, I will go elsewhere to get what I need.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review, but there are some inaccuracies I'd like to address.

> it broke my database
It can't. It only reads and writes to its own database tables, clearly prefixed with _ars_. Maybe you changed or installed something else in the meantime?

> made the everything on the site rearrange
I'm not sure what "the everything" (sic) is, but I'll suppose it refers to either the menu items or the modules. Again, ARS does not interact with those site elements, so rearranging them would be downright impossible. I'm now convinced that you, someone else or something else modified something on your site.

> Documentation is just a dictionary, not instructions on how to get this to work.
I know the documentation is lengthy. It is lengthy because it is detailed. If you actually read it, you'll see that it does have instructions on using the component. For example, the single most important chapter in the entire documentation is titled "Understanding the structure of a repository" and has three practical examples: software distribution (exactly what ARS was built to do), community site and a personal site (blog). If, after reading that page, you still don't get how the software works, please use PhocaDownload or DOCman instead. BTW, I do mention these two components in this exact documentation chapter as alternatives.

Finally, let me reiterate that if you believe that you've found a bug or want to share your feedback about the component, the proper avenue is using the Contact link on our site.

bycodlink, September 19, 2011
Took less than a minute to install, another 10 seconds to enable it, and a minute too add a video. I don't know, but this makes it too simple..

Great Pluggin!
bycodlink, July 7, 2011
EasyCalcCheck PLUS
I have tried 4 other captcha plugins that have failed. ECC+ worked the first with NO errors. I am using a RocketTheme template which was probably part of the problem with the others. But this one did it. It worked. Thank you for this plugin!

Down With Spam!
Owner's reply

Thank you!

You are right, down with spam!