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bycoilevi, September 12, 2014
Non-SEF to SEF
A good choice for the free version of AcyMailing newsletter component that (by sending newsletters from the backend) doesn't support SEF links by default for the embedded articles. This plugin solves the problem. Thanx!
I was looking for a solution to use automatically resized & cached images for long image listings outside com_content. I tried some plugins before I have found this excellent extension, but there were some little problems with all the others. IMGEN offers a very straightforward way to achieve the result:

1. read the documentation in minutes,
2. install the component and the plugin,
3. set the component parameters,
4. insert 1 line of code from the documentation into the given component's code, and that's all, it just works as expected!
SP Digital Goods
I was looking for a quick and easy PayPal-addon for PDF files to sell. I didn't want to use a complicated component like VirtueMart, I didn't want complicated e-commerce solutions, I didn't want to adapt to 3rd parties extension layouts, I just wanted to put PayPal buttons in my articles and let customers buy my PDF files in a few steps. I have read the descriptions of all the extensions in this category of JED. SP Digital Goods was the first extension I tried in this category - and also this was the last one, because no need to looking for others, this is THE solution.

- very low price
- no need for anything else, only this ext. and the goods to sell
- very simple to use for site admins and customers too
- detailed documentation and quick answers for questions in email
- I had some technical problems on my server - I have sent access to my site's backend for the developer so he solved the problem on behalf of me

So I can advise this ext. for everybody who want sell goods with PayPal!
bycoilevi, September 20, 2011
Admin Tools
The tool makes the protection of the /administrator directory by placing a .htaccess and a .htpasswd file in it. I've read that it's more secure if the .htpasswd file is outside the public_html directory. So I advise you to let the tool place that file somewhere there, if that's possible on the user's host of course.
bycoilevi, May 4, 2011
ARI Slick Gallery
This extension can be an excellent choice for a wide range of sites and fits almost every template. It can boost up sites that have "rectangular, grey" feeling, and also fits "bohemian" sites too. I'm glad to find this module! Looks so good so I'm wondering if a component with category function (like Phoca) can be developed with the same effect...

A reflection: the nice box-shadow of the images doesn't work in IE's. Maybe this little shortage could be fixed by using the trick that can be found at (I didn't try that yet with ARI Slick Gallery, but I think it can be implemented.)
bycoilevi, August 13, 2009
Better Preview
I hope this extension will be a part of the basic Joomla package. The similar basic function that exists in Joomla is useless - this extension is more than useful. :)